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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Remix Wednesday: I Am Not A Robot

I have to confess; I'm not a huge fan of Marina and the Diamonds. Now, the Welsh/Greek songstress is a stunner, but her voice and twee indie pop sound leave me cold. Plus, I don't like it when solo acts called themselves 'Something and the the Somethings'- really, it's just you up there, isn't it? A matter of personal taste, I suppose.
Yet, even I absolutely love Clock Opera's remix of 'I Am Not a Robot'. Clock Opera's unique sound incorporates ‘found sounds’ – now, I what you’re thinking. You’re suddenly conjuring up images of people clanging pans together and using dustbins as drums. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong- the found sounds used by the Clock Opera guys weave seamlessly into their rich tapestry of sound, making a completely unique audio experience, without alienating the listener.
Check it out- trust me, you won't be disappointed.

MP3: Marina and the Diamonds (Clock Opera Remix)

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