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Friday, May 29, 2009

Song of the Day: Relentless Fours by Grammatics

Now for something totally different: indie band Grammatics, whose self-titled debut album was released in March of this year. Now, you may be wondering what makes this song 'totally different', considering all of my songs of the day thus far have been rather indie-ish (which is quite unusual for me). Well, although this song starts out sufficiently melodic and tranquil, but has a very intense breakdown around four minutes in that will take your breath away. Trust me. Savour it.

MP3: Relentless Fours Read More......

Video on Trial

Just a quick post to convince you to start watching 'Video on Trial'- a show in which a panel of comedians give 'verdicts' on music videos, with hilarious results. It's potentially the best TV show all time (in my opinion), but they only show it on TV in Canada- the Canadians have all the best stuff, see. Never fear, though- most fo the episodes are once again viewable on YouTube! My life has meaning again!

To give you an idea of what the show is like, here is Britney Spear's 'Piece of Me'- please don't be deterred by the comedian her bra. She doesn't her take her top off much, I promise.

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5 Fashions: "Burlesque at the Beach"

Yes, it's coming up to the time of year that pale people live in fear of: it's summer. And I'm living in fear.
Y'see, I'm pale. Very, very pale. I've been dubbed 'The Corpse Bride' before, no joke. And each year, I aspire to the tanned aesthetic; all I want to do is swan around in brightly coloured bikinis and kaftans and the like, but it all looks very ridiculous without that tan.
Well, this year, I have learnt my lesson- no more fluorescent bikinis; gone are the kaleidoscopic array of flip-flops; instead, I am embracing a look I like to call 'Burlesque at the Beach'- because even burlesque dancers have to brave the Sun occasionally. I shall turn my full attention to finding classic-looking beach pieces, and will not allow myself to mourn over the beautiful Topshop magenta bikini I will never get to wear. Anyway, here a few pieces to give you the gist:

1. Vamp Bandeau Top and Skirted Bottom, Jantzen
Although the model of this bikini is the sort of tanned beauty that could look fabulous in anything, just imagine how perfect a pale, dark-haired minx might look in this vampish and oh-so-sexy bikini. At the same time, it can be worn by people who don't look like vampires, which is a bonus. If you like red, you should also check out...

2. Bill Mio Halter, Norma Kamili
This halter style is classy, but still flashes a bit of flesh. It's available in an array of colours (black, chocolate, cinder (grey, basically), olive, pink red and white), and has Kamili's 'try-before-you-buy' service (they send you the item, you have 2 days to try it on and test it out before deciding whether or not you want to buy it). However, it does cost $350, so maybe start saving now. For something a little less classic, try...

3. Abstract Nautical Print Swimsuit, Michael Kors
This cute and kooky swimsuit is perfect for days when you don't need to Sexy-Dial turned up 'Smokin' Hot'. However, it is Michael Kors, so once again, a hefty price tag might follow. For the perfect beach clothes (not just swimsuits and bikinis), head to...

4. 'Summer 2' Catalogue, Alexandra Cassaniti
I can't mention just one piece from this collection- the entire collection is almost too perfect for those of us who are sadly lacking a perfect tanned, curvy beach body. Her designs are cute and fashionable, yet look hardy enough so that you could actually wear them at the beach without worrying about ruining your outfit. I also like the fact that the collection isn't purely focused around swimsuits and bikinis- it can be so difficult sometimes to find clothes you can wear at the beach- because, as any pale person knows, there are times when we have to cover up to save ourselves from being frazzled by sunburn. For a pretty black swimsuit to match this pretty black apparel, look no further than...

5. Water Ballet Halter- Anothropologie
This beautiful, simple one-piece is a must for any would-be beach siren. With padded bikini, stomach-slimming panels and a puffy skirt, this swimsuit was engineered to accentuate the classic burlesque body. Read More......

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Song of the Day: The Con by Tegan and Sara

Yes, it's everyone's favorite Canadian-lesbian-twin- Double Act, Tegan and Sara. Their haircuts may suggest that they got into a fight with a pair of hedge trimmers (and lost), but they know how to make majestic, broody and dynamic soundscapes, as shown by their most recent album, The Con. Here is the title track from that album, which has been swimming around my head all day.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Song of the Day: Lolita by Throw Me the Statue

To start off this feature, I thought I'd bring you some perfect indie-folk-pop-y goodness, in the form of 'Lolita' by Throw Me the Statue. What with all the nice weather we've been having lately, (well we have around here anyway), I think it's an appropriate time to start enthusing about summery songs again, and they don't come much more summery than this. I also fully recommend downaloding their album, 'Moonbeams', one of my faovrite albums from last year (and don't be put off by the cover of saucy topless ladies- there's very little to be offended about, and alot to get excited about. Enjoy!

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Rorschach Test, In Reverse

Just a quick post about something surprisingly fun and very, very addictive.
The infinite genius that is Soul Pancake (check it out, seriously, it'll have you talking for hours and expressing opinions you didn't even know you had) have come up with this article- basically, it encourages you to switch on your favorite song, go to Viscosity, let your creative juices run wild, and conjure up a visual representation of your favorite song. It's alot of fun- so much fun, in fact, I must've done about 10. The above picture is my visual representation of 'September' by Mariana's Trench, to the left below is 'Good Time' by Brazilian Girls, and to the right is 'Hospital Bed Crawl' by The Hush Sound. So, give it a go- I dare you.

Rating: 7.5/10
MP3: Good Time

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Alpha Dog

Starring: Emile Hirsch, Justin Timberlake, Anton Yelchin, Bruce Willis
Directed by: Nick Cassavetes
Genre: Crime Drama
Rating: 5/10

From the opening titles, I was dubious. Wobbly home videos of the cast to a background of Eva Cassidy's 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' was a little low-rent and overdone. The initial scenes did little to improve my perspective; what I could see was young rich morons, masquerading as gangstas- they shot stuff, they swore at stuff, they objectified women (and the women abused minors in swimming pools), indulged in some good old substance abuse, and they did 'business' by putting people through coffee tables and defacating on oriental rugs. Thus far, a very intelligent film.
However, this film was not without merit- I did give it five out of ten afterall. The sets, although largely unimaginative, were stylish, and encapsulated the luxurious-turned-dangerous feel of the film. This feel was due to the fact that the wealthy, irresponsible idiots engage in what Cassavetes referred to as a 'prank gone wrong'- kidnapping Zack Mazursky (Anton Yelchin), to scare his brother, Jake Mazursky (Ben Foster), into paying back the money he owes to his drug-dealing acquaintances. The kidnappers show young Zack the time of his life, throwing him into a world of drink, drugs and bitches (hence the afformentioned swimming pool threesome)- before throwing him into a grave when the stakes get too high.
What saves this film from being another gangsta washout is a handful of notable performances, proving that what they lack in experience, they make up for in youthful exuberance; both of the Mazursky brothers (particularly Foster) are fairly remarkable; Justin Timberlake (yes, really) is surpringly awesome as nice guy kidnapper and moral compass of the film, Frankie Ballenbacher (the scene leading up to Zach's death between Timberlake and Yelchin is especially moving); and, of course, Bruce Willis, as the main kidnapper, Johnny Truelove (the weak Emile Hirsch)'s father. The main strength of this film is that the audience get to see the abduction from every angle- the Mazursky family, the Truelove family, the motley crew of wasted party-goers that take Zach under their wing, and the scores of witnesses who piece together this most unusual and tragic crime.
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5 Fashions: "Quirky Jewellery I Need"

This post was going to be called 'Quirky Jewellery I Want', but really, I need it. Possession of such crazy, quirky items is essential to my survival. Now I know such beautiful pieces exist, I must have them. My life feels empty without them. All of my kitsch knick-knacks can't compete with the beauty of what you're about to see. Ok, I'm going to stop blabbering, and show you what it is that I'm going for.

1. Enamel Frog Ring, Delfina Delletrez

Delfina Delletrez is known for her quirky and surreal jewellery designs- my favorite of these designs this season is this fabulous frog. However, this frog shall never be mine, as it is a tad expensive (418 euros), due to the fact it's silver, and the eyes of the frog are red sapphires. Still, my birthday's coming up, so I can always dream a kindly benefactor will deliver this to my door in some sort of cake box. It would be nice- hint, hint.

2. Vicolo Palglia Corta, Lomo Pendant Necklace

Some clever Italian sorts have come up with these brilliant pendants in the shape of Lomo cameras, made out of Lego pieces. Unfortunately, as the entire page they're contained on is written in Italian, I'll probably never own one of these either, which is a pity, because they're awesome. Then again, with some Bostick, some Lego and a pinch of crafty genius, I'm sure I could rustle up my very own Lego Lomo necklace.

3. Button Charm Bracelet, Unexpected Boutique

Want a charm bracelet, but think that dozens of chunky, mis-matched charms isn't your cup of tea? Well, this bracelet- adorned with dozens of tiny, multi-coloured buttons- could not be more adorable. Fashionable, colourful, and only £27- it's pra
ctically perfect in every way.

4. 'Out on a Limb' Pendant-
As the Mod Cloth website says, 'fashion is about taking risks'- I couldn't agree with them more, but this beautiful gold pendant is wearable by anyone- not just mad-hats and daring fashionistas (I include myself in the former). And at $12.99, it's a bit of steal. Get it while you can, I say.

5. Black Glasses Necklace, 1918 Vintage

These glasses are maybe my favorite p
endant ever. Kooky, versatile, and a must for anyone who doesn't really need glasses. I also think they're an easy way to complete an outfit. Buy me a pair, PLEASE. Read More......

Saturday, May 23, 2009

La science des rêves

Starring: Gael Garcia Benal, Charlotte Gainsbourg
Directed by: Michel Gondry
Genre: Indie Romance, Drama, Fantasy
Rating: 7.5/10

It's difficult to describe what it is about 'La science des rêves' that appeals to me.
It isn't the often-celebrated 'dreamy', 'hallucinogenic' quality this film has- in fact, in this story of a man navigating his way through dreams and reality, I often find the waking life of the protagonist, Stephane Miroux, much more appealing, and much more fantastical. Those moments where he finds himself making stop-cap animation films, tipping water on pedestrians and getting to know his love interest, Stephanie, have much more carefully-considered dialogue and cinematography than the dream sequences. In fact, I didn't find the film all that 'dreamy'- as a viewer, I felt as though I were in that half-awake stage of reverie, watching the events through a misty pane, wanting more than anything just to see Stephane take control of his life and kiss the girl.
It wasn't the romance that appealed, either- rather than seizing his moment with the beautiful Stephanie (Charlotte Gainsbourg), by the end of the film, they find themselves in somewhat a romantic stalemate, clearly in love with each other but distanced by Stephane's preoccupation with illusion.
No- I think what appealed to me was the meticulous attention to detail. The careful, convincing dialogue, the beautiful creations of Lauri Faggioni (such as the boat, above) that seem to blend perfectly into the plot; the subtle but always appropriate music. But what I found truly brought the script together is the fusion of Spanish, English and French. Do people dream in different languages? I don't mean the different words and dialects, but the things contained in the dreams. There was something decidedly Spanish about the dreams in the fields and the desolate street, which reminded me of an Almodavar film; the colour palette was slightly reminiscent of Jean-Pierre Jeunet; the constant presence of his quirky, dorky colleagues was very British. The languages, cultures and different perspectives seem to blend into a fantastical melting pot, Stephane's difficulty with French and English adding further the ever-confusing kaleidoscope that is 'La science des rêves'.
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Friday, May 22, 2009


No, I'm not on some war against the spacebar, 'Bodyspacemotionthings' is the name of a new exhibition by Robert Morris at the Tate Modern.
You may be thinking, what makes this exhibit special? Well, I'll tell you- you can interact! With the art! Roll, slide, climb and swing all across it! You may not find this particularly exciting, but the last time this exhibit was showcased, some 30 years ago, the public went fucking wild! So flabbergasted were they that could TOUCH the art, nevermind run across it like a hyperactive three year old, people actually caused themselves bodily harm, throwing themselves- literally- into the exhibit. Bodyspacemotionthings finally had to be shut down when some excited visitors actually started swinging bricks on chains around the place, just because they COULD.
Luckily, some very clever people at the Tate thought they might re-open it, so they could, essentially, create another health and safety nightmare. I love it!
I certainly want to go- when I went, they were exhibiting The Crack (or whatever it was called- a picture of said crack is on the left) in the Main Hall (where Bodyspacemotionthings currently is)- I know it represents division and prejudice in society, but you can't slide down it, so Bodyspacemotionthings is vastly superior.

To further demonstrate the self-destructive GENIUS that is Bodyspacemotionthings, here is a video:
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Playlist 1: Just Desserts

Just to inform you, I intend to post regular playlists on this site, as making playlists and mixtapes is sort of something I do. Maybe all the music I post won't be to everyone's liking- I have rather eclectic tastes- but I do urge you to give it a try. Anyway, today's playlist is called:

Just DessertsA playlist made up from songs with dessert-related names, for anyone with a sweet tooth.
Genre-wise, dessert-related names seem rife within acoustic//indie music, with a teensy sprinkling of dance and jazz, and there are alot of female vocalists in this one, which is unusual for me.

1. THOSE DANCING DAYS- Home Sweet Home (I know this is a bit of a cheat, but it's an awesome song, so I hope you can forgive me)
4. THE HUSH SOUND- Sweet Tangerine
5. CAT POWER- My Blueberry Nights
6. THE PUPPINI SISTERS- Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree
7. TILLY AND THE WALL- Poor Man's Ice Cream
9. DOLLY MIXTURE- Miss Candy Twist
10. JACK JOHNSON- Banana Pancakes
11. BIKINI KILL- Strawberry Julius

You can listen to the whole playlist on the nifty little I-Pod below. Enjoy!

MySpace Music Playlist at

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Top 10 Sexiest Redheads In Music Today

Ok, so I guess I should just be honest and upfront: I have a confession to make.
I was once ginger.
I jest, but a lot of people find this fact shocking- as if I was naturally born with red/brown/’Deep Mahogany’ coloured hair- admittedly, I’ve played around a lot with hair dye over the years before settling on ‘Deep Mahogany’ in November of last year, but seriously. Ginger. Bright orange, for a while in fact.
And, as an ex-ginger, I feel it my duty to educate the world that ginger can in fact be very sexy. Admittedly, I looked like a freak when I had ginger hair (but that had more to with the train tracks, massive glasses and acne than the ginger hair). Thus, here is my list of ‘Top 10 Sexiest Ginger People in Music Today”:

Florence Welch, 'Florence and the Machine'

Florence Welch is a creature of strange beauty, I feel- there are those who’d sooner give her ‘A Kiss With a Fist’ than actually kiss her, but I’ve always thought there’s something about the slanted features and fiery locks. Plus, Welch makes her sound like she should be a farmer, which is slightly awesome.

Linnea Jonsson, ‘Those Dancing Days’

Linnea is Swedish, which means by law she should be excessively tall and have waves of bright blonde hair; however, Linnea’s sweet strawberry blonde ‘fro stares such stereotypes straight in the face, and says something fierce in Swedish. Breaking the rules never looked so good.

Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf could be my ideal man- if I liked my men exuberantly dressed, covered in glitter, and very gay. I don’ t, consequently, but if I did, I would follow Patrick Wolf around in eccentric attire, hoping I might be masculine enough to catch his eye.

Jessica Sutta, ‘The Pussycat Dolls’

You can’t really mention ginger people in music without Carmit from ‘The Pussycat Dolls’. However, since this is a list of ginger musicians today, and as Carmit is no longer a ‘doll, I shall just have mention Jessica, who recently died her hair a red-ish colour. It looks quite nice- she even looks reasonably classy in the photo above- her midriff is still exposed, but well, she is a Pussycat Doll- what did you expect?

Patrick Stump, ‘Fall Out Boy’

Really, if we’re being honest, El Stumpo is the most desirable member of Fall Out Boy. You may cry ‘Lulz wtf o__o ?!?! Pete Wentz is sooo daymn hawt LOLOLOL’, in which case you are a wemo, and your opinion on anything is irrelevant. But seriously- you can quite easily imagine curling up next to the big bear of lurve that is Patrick Stump on long, winter nights- curl up next to Wentz, and all you’ll get is an earful of ‘Who the Hell are you? And what have you done with Ashlee Simpson?’ I rest my case.

Sherri DuPree, ‘Eisley’

Sherri has gone through many hair-colour changes in her career, but I must say I think red suited her most. I also like the fact that in this photo, she is standing in front of a wall adorned in Superman wallpaper. Although I'm more of a Marvel girl personally, that's still pretty damn cool.

Neko Case

With her bountiful curls and brooding, sensual voice, Neko Case has it all. She looks sexy, she sounds sexy- and she's got a new album due out this year. What more could you want, really?

Stephanie O’Brien, ‘The Puppini Sisters’

The woman is ridiculously beautiful- classic features, pale skin, dark eyes, and most importantly abundant copper locks. Plus, she was totally rocking that 50’s-jazz-burlesque look before Dita von Teese made it cool.

Bob Morris, ‘The Hush Sound’

Behold Bob, in his bearded splendour! I think Bob is that rare combination of being beardy, ginger but still attractive. I have a friend who’s obsessed with Bob- she has a mug with a picture of him dressed as a cowboy on it. Seriously. The fact that I got it made for her is completely irrelevant.

Hayley Williams, ‘Paramore’

Say what you want about Paramore’s music, but I defy anyone who doesn’t think Hayley is one sexy chica. I would completely forget my heterosexuality for Hayley. Heterosexuality that has been somewhat called into question by writing of a list of 10 Sexy Ginger Musicians, 6 of which are female. Ho hum.

See also:

'Top 10 Sexiest Celebrities with Glasses'

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Friday, May 01, 2009


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The main question I get asked here at the Sinema is: why is your blog called At the Sinema? Could you just not spell cinema, or something?
Well, no- that would be rather silly. It's actually The Sinema- because most of things I write about here are sinfully indulgent. Whether it's £100 umbrellas, my secret beardy-man fetish, using the blog as a platform to rant about my love/hate relationship with Mariana's Trench, or simply spending time listening to music/ watching films when I should probably be doing something constructive, sin is the colour of the writing here. Of course, it's sin-free for you- think of 'At the Sinema' as a lifestyle mixtape, giving you everything from new music, to innovative fashion- even a nice notepad or two. You can come here, stare at ginger people, read a few comics and listen to Shakira, and nobody need ever know. It can be our little secret.
See you soon,
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