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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Song Of The Day: 65daysofstatic - Radio Protector

This song is just beautiful, every time I hear it I find something new in it. This is music in its purest, most stunning form.
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Playlist 8: Emergency Services

Sorry this month's mixtape offering is so ridiculously late- the real lives of the Sinema writers have been pretty hectic lately. We're Add Imageabout mid-way through exam season, but we'll return to you shortly, we promise.
Anyway, when we started working on this playlist, we were in the midst of the Christmas/ New Year season. And we thought: what springs to mind when we think of this most wonderful time of the year? Family? Fun? Food?
Well, umm, no. The emergency services. It's the busiest time of year for those firefighters, policemen and paramedics who aim to keep us safe. So here's to them- the people behind 999 (or 911, if you're American).

Playlist 8: Emergency Services
For the people behind 999

Charles's Picks:
1. TV ON THE RADIO- Ambulance
2. PATRICK WOLF- Accident and Emergency
3. ARCADE FIRE- Accidents
4. MAYBESHEWILL- We Called For an Ambulance But a Fire Engine Came
5. ANDREW BIRD- Natural Disaster
6. THE ANTLERS- Sylvia (An Introduction)

Eileen's Picks:
7. SOUNDS UNDER RADIO- Portrait of a Summer Thief
8. ATLAS SOUND- Criminals
9. METRIC- The Police and The Private
10. AT THE DRIVE-IN- Pickpocket
11. CITY AND COLOUR- Sleeping Sickness
12. STRAND OF OAKS- End in Flames
13. THRICE- The Artist in the Ambulance
14. THE HUSH SOUND- Hospital Bed Crawl

Chloe's Picks
16. BLACK KIDS- Partie Traumatic
17. REGINA SPEKTOR- Prisoners
18. ONE SILVER ASTRONAUT- Band Aid for a Fracture
20. AQUALUNG- If I Fall

You can listen to the whole playlist on the nifty little I-Pod below. Enjoy!

Music Playlist at

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Cinema 2009

Just a short post to share something pretty damn awesome with you.
I know I promised I was done reminiscing over 2009, but well, I stumbled across this little gem, and simply couldn't resist. It is, in its essence,a 7-minute movie montage of 342 films released in 2009. It is, more widely, the product of hours of hard work, and a pretty good overview of the 2009 cinescape.
I also challenge you to name as many movies in this montage as you can- I can name 61, and I'm pretty happy with that.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

5 Fashions: Music is My Hot, Hot Sex

DISCLAIMER: Ahem- Eileen would like to clarify that the tile is inspired by the title of a CSS song, and she's not some weird pervert who humps CD's in her spare time. Thankyou.

So, I reckon this might be the last post we here At the Sinema make as an homage to 2009. We've discussed our favourite music, films- even our favourite people to follow on Twitter.
This time, I'm going for something completely different. Having been inspired by some of the simply wonderful album sleeves I've seen on the shelves this year, I have decided to concoct some fashion looks, using these pieces of art as my muses.
Confused? Well, yeh- confusing is sort of my thing. For full infomration about any of the pieces, simply click on them to be taken to my newly-formed, shiny Polyvore account, which should give you all the information.

1. Piano Music's Ovations
This look is inspired by the slightly haunting and slight romantic cover of Piano Magic's 'Ovations'. I like to think of it as sort of a modern take on the classic outfits one might wear to sohisitcated dinner parties of yore, where scandal was rife and there was always a good murder or two. Well, this is the case if 'Gosford Park' was to be believed.

2. Loko's 'In Love'
The colourful and abstract nature of this cover required mismatched neon- lots of it- but pulled off with a certain finesse, so you don't look like the victim of an explosion in a glowstick factory.

3. U2's 'No Line on the Horizon'
Boring band, boring album, but I quite like the front cover. There's something beautiful about the simplicity of the black and white shot of the horizon. For this, I chose a more muted palette of colours, and quite feminine, delicate accessories.

4. Jarivs Cocker's 'Further Complications'
There's something quintessentially British about Jarvis Cocker. Cool, and kind of sexy in a straight-lace, geek-chic kind of way. So, I went for a shirt and tie, with a smart pair of shoes- but to add a bit of a classic British quirk, I threw in some denim and a few bangles.

I went for a slightly ethic-y, hippy feel, complete with bangles, leather fringe bag and leather shoes. I also added a dinosaur ring, because, well, it's awesome.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

UK Singles Chart - What Does The Nation Listen To?

Normally, us Sinema writers about the less well known, 'more about the art' side of music. (That's actually the only way I could think to phrase it). But today, I decide to venture into unmarked territories... yes, that's right, 'popular' music. Now I'm not saying I don't occasionally find myself belting out a Rihanna tune or dancing to some Chris Brown, you can't get away from these people, but its very unlikely that I find myself listening to them outside school and night clubs. And also my boyfriend has AWFUL taste in music, he laughed at Grizzly Bear! But today, that will all change. I will look at the UK singles chart and decided, just why these chart-topping records are, well, chart topping.

1. Iyaz - Replay
Ah, yes. Good old Iyaz... how do you actually pronounce that name? Well, anyway, I actually know this song because its one of those songs that are easily learned and lodge themselves in your brains. The lyrics go as follows "Shorties like a melody in my head, that I can't stop singing, got me saying now, na na na everyday, its like my ipods stuck on replay, replay". Now, I definitely know how Iyaz feels, because I feel exactly the same about this friggin' song! Its my opinion that nowadays artists make songs as repetitive as possible so that it gets stuck in peoples heads until they buy the actual song. But you got to hand it to the bloke, he is wearing a Louis Vuitton gas mask. That's pretty awesome.

2. Sidney Samson - Riverside (Let's Go)
You wouldn't of thought someone with the name like 'Sidney' could write (I say this in the loosest of terms, of course) a song which repetitively says 'Riverside Motherfucker'. Where even is Riverside? Wikipedia has told me nothing. Wikipedia has failed me. Honestly, I can't think of anything else to say about this song. All it says is 'Riverside Motherfucker', I'm sure monkeys could have wrote something with more lyrical substance. But again Sidney Samson (I'm sorry, but has this guy ever heard of stage names?) has heard that the nation are easily entertained, put some squeaky, syncy noises and repeat expletives and you have yourself a hit... he even looks like a Sidney doesn
't he?

3. 3OH!3 ft Katy Perry - Starstrukk

Other then their clear failures in spelling, I actually really love this song. Sure, the lyrics go "tight jeans, double DD's, make the boys go wit woo" but it actually wolf whistles. This is actually the coolest song ever to sing along to... well, unless you can't whistle and then you just look like a twat. But despite a little bit of originality it has all the elements that make most hits. A sexy woman lady shaking her thang in the videos, yes, this is Katy Perry and lots of talk about sexy woman ladies shaking their thangs in their 'daisy dukes'. Whats not for the shallow, sex obsessed nation not to love? Plus, it wolf whistles! Genius!

4. Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
Lady Gaga or as I like to call her... the freak of nature. What the hell is wrong with this woman? Does she not terrify children on the streets. Gaga... she wasn't far off the bat there was she? Now, why do people like this song exactly? With the lyrics "rah-rah-ah-ah-ah roma-roma-ma gaga oh la la la want you bad romance" it wouldn't be hard to understand if it was popular on a different planet, because surely that's not a human language? Now, why do people buy this song... I have actually no idea. Lady Gaga has a very good publicist. That's my only explanation. Or maybe some people think by buying her record they will find out if she actually has a penis or not.

5. Florence & The Machine - You've Got the Love
FINALLY SOMEONE I ACTUALLY LISTEN TO! Florence Welch is a visionary and this song is hauntingly beautiful. So why has a song without alien lyrics or boobs or repetitive swearing found its way to the top 5? Well, you probably know this but this song was first sung by 'The Source' and 'Candi Staton'. Its a very well known club hit, so all those ravers out there practically jizzed their knickers when they found out it would be finding its way back onto the singles chart. Team that with Florence lovers and listeners of Radio One, who recorded this version in their live lounge and play it religiously everyday and BAM! You have a hit! Also - Florence is super talented, has a killer voice and her dancing is like a child at a wedding on speed.

And there you go. The UK top five according to me. Course, i could be completely wrong... i doubt it though ;)

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Should I Listen to Last FM? Part 2

In a follow up to last years part one, I again look at my recommendations on last FM and ask the fundamental question; should I listen to Last FM? Anyone familiar with the sight will know it gives you recommendations from a cross section of your artists. Not only is a great way to stumble on some gems, it helps little known bands and artists find new fans. Last time i stumbled upon Winter Kids and they definitely get some serious airtime on the old Itunes!
Please note - links from band names will lead you to the Last Fm page of the artist, whilst links from song names to a youtube video of said song.

The Paddingtons

Similar To
Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong, The Twang, Bromhead Jacket, The Rumble Strips, The Metro's

The Hype
Comprising of vocalist Tom Atkin, guitarists Martin Hines and Josh Hubbard, drummer Grant Dobbs and bassist brother Lloyd hail from Kingston-Upon-Hull. They have toured with the likes of The Cribs, Dirty Pretty Things and The Babyshambles, front man Pete Doherty is a fan. Their first album was produced by the man that brought us Oasis' 'Definitely Maybe', Owen Morris. They are tagged as indie rock and a new EP should be released sometime this year.

What Other Last Fmers Think
The general consensus is a good one with cryings of "they're great" and that they are a "top band". This is the general feeling throughout most of the fans, so i have very high hopes. Although not everyone is a happy customer, one fan, with a must say a very terrifying display picture of an evil clown, says "Who the fuck are these guys. Ok, now I know they suck." I plan to disregard this review however, i don't trust people who have scary clown-zombie hybrids as display pictures.

My Thoughts
My first port of call was "Shame About Elle" and I'm not sure what to make of it. It reminds me very much of Pete Doherty projects, which is perhaps why he liked them so much. Its not something I would really listen to, but I can't say I didn't enjoy it. Who could not enjoy a song in which the video the band members where comical overly large mouth masks? Genius. But as for the song, its not something I would choose to listen to, but its not something I would shun either. I then found myself listening to "Panic Attack" which I liked more. This seems less Libertine-ish and more original and my ears were more pleased. Although the video did make me feel slightly motion sick.

Dan Black

Similar To
Ellie Goulding, Ladyhawke, Florence + The Machine, Chew Lips, The Ting Tings

The Hype
Originally the vocalist of alternative rock band The Servant and also known as a guest vocalist for the Italian group Planet Funk, Dan Black is an British electronica artist. Throughout last year he grew in popularity when his song "U+ME=" was one of the UK Itunes Free Singles of the Week and after he preformed at Glastonbury. In February he is expected to be touring the USA and Canada and a collaboration with successful rapper Kid Cudi is also in the works.

What Other Last Fmers Think
A good response other all, some fans even commenting more then once to shout the man praises. Some examples of theses are "definitely going to be big soon" and that "dan black is [their] favorite". A few random comments that made me laugh included "dan black won't leave me alone" and "he looks like Mika but cuter"... I'm sorry, but how does he look anything like that squeaky, rubbishy waste of a record deal? (Ooh, the claws are out)

My Thoughts
First song i stumbled across was called "Symphonies"
and i could already tell from 10 seconds in that me and this Dan Black were soul mates. The introduction of this song is angelic, dreamy almost before a sharp beat kicks in which reminds me of Rihanna's 'Umbrella', altogether, however, this is not a bad thing. Dan Black's voice then filters in over the top and its really unusual, why, I'm not exactly sure. Plus the video is awesome. And then I found myself wandering over to "U+ME=", which as i previously mentioned was one of the Itunes Free Singles of the Week. Yet again i loved this one, even with the strange bletch noise which periodically occurs. Definitely worth a download!


Similar To
Ellie Goulding, Chew Lips, George Pringle, Little Boots

The Hype
Thecocknbullkid (no apostrophes, she requests, its all one word!) is the act of Anita Bay who manages to have the most obxonious bio in the history of Last Fm, I'm sure, but it as they say, its all about the music, man. She writes all her own songs, produces a few too, but urges the people of the world not to be overly impressed by this, she does, however, tell us that Sugababes will never be the same without Mutya. In an interview with Paul Lester from the Guardian he describes music as "eccentric and delightfully gloomy". Personally, i think nothing is more compliment then an oxymoron. Hailing from Hackney, thecocknbullkid aspires to something more then the Pussycat Dolls...

What Other Last Fmers Say
"The music is pretty good but I think that is the most obnoxious artist description I've ever seen on" says one person, another agrees with "This is one of the most pretentious profiles I've ever come across on I wish there was a way to turn off the whole ego half of the radio applications. I wish I didn't enjoy the music of absolute douchebags (not this one though!)". Hm, not so good. I don't have amazingly large expectations. Thecocknbullkid is definitely obnoxious, but whether she's good musically, seems a divided split.

My Thoughts
Firstly, I found myself listening to "I'm Not Sorry" and honestly, I'm trying not to be bias. The woman has already pissed me off majorly with her massive egocentric last fm bio. I will be impartial, i will be impartial. The video starts with a plastic moose, this makes me feel better and the beat is happy whilst the lyrics juxtapose this completely. Thecocknbullkids voice is smooth and soulful, which I like and then so some reason she goes all high and squeaky. Bad move. I find myself grudgingly listening to the rest of the song before moving onto the second one "Shake" which reminds me of army commands on helium. Hate it. But, you know, judge her for yourself. I however, had to turn that song off at 55 seconds because i was reaching for the nearest sharp objects to slit my wrists with... a spoon and a pair of tweazers. I could have been there for a while...

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

At the Sinema's Best of 2009

Welcome, one and all, to At the Sinema's Best of 2009! In this post, we basically put the year under review, and aim to share with you our picks of 2009's music, movies, TV and general pop culture goodness.
Oh, by the way, if you're here for the music, be sure to check out Charles's, Chloe's, Eileen's and Tri's Top 10 Favorite Albums of 2009 lists- it still strikes me how different we are musically. quite like it.
Anyway, without further ado, let's get down to it, shall we?

Children's films are getting more and more adventurous to the point that first showings of Spike Jonze's 'Where The Wild Things Are' managed to bore children to tears. With Pixar's 10th full length feature film, they have managed to perfect the balance, and in doing so create not only the best Pixar film yet, but a film that can truly be enjoyed on multiple levels - its surprisingly deep nature and tear-evoking moments perhaps add something for the older viewer, but not without losing track of its intention. Put simply - 'Up' was the most entertaining film of 2009.
-Chloe and Charles

BEST BLOG: No Good For Me
Within the vast blogosphere, with so many blogs to read and so little time to do it on my hands, I only really follow a handful of blogs even semi-regularly. However, when it comes to, I'm fairly sure I haven't missed a post this year. The team behind NGFM nourish your mind with all the good bits about modern pop culture, along with
personal essays and random pictures of the Beatles. You get what you get with every other blog- all the latest from the worlds of cinema, music, fashion and celebrity- but written better, more humourous, and interspersed with random crushes, phobias and cookie preferences. It has a certain personal touch that keeps me coming back time and time again, and I am totally hooked.

BEST TV MOMENT: Kanye West Steals Taylor Swifts LimelightThe moment that had us all jumping to the sunshiny, country singer's defence as Kayne jumped up on stage at the VMA and-- "Chloe, I’m really happy for you, and I’m gonna let you finish, but Eileen had one of the best blog posts of all time.”FOR FUCK'S SAKE KANYE!

Have you ever sat back and thought to yourself, 'I wonder what foxy teen country music sensation Taylor Swift is thinking right now...' Well, I know! As I write this little paragraph, Twitter has told me Ms Swift has this to say : 'Sorry to @grantmickelson for, after having a dream where you were bitten by a shark, calling at 4am to make you swear to stay on land.' See, don't you feel enlightened by that knowledge?
Unlike most stars, Taylor doesn't use her Twitter to promote her latest album, or post yet another Tweet along the lines of 'Another country on tour, playing tonight, soooo tired'- she actually has mildly witty and interesting things to say. And I quite like that.

So I paid (tweeted) tribute to the awe-inspiring show Grizzly Bear put on in London with the London Symphony Orchestra last year. In this particular tweet I said the band were so stunning they could have done without the orchestra. The arrangements were made by Nico Muhly, so this bitch called me annoying. How dare he! Also, his spelling is very questionable for someone who claims to have majored in English Literature. I went for years thinking he was Icelandic. Whatever.


A semi-autobiographical BBC television series written by and starring Miranda Hart. She plays a 6 foot masculine joke shop owner, who lacks the ability for business and has absolutely no social skills when it comes to men. Patricia Hogde, who plays her mother, is constantly encouraging her to get married, so constantly disappointed as Miranda’s attempts to get her dream guy (Tom Ellis) fall flat every time. The show has been describes as and ‘old-fashioned’ sitcom, and filmed in front of a live audience who respond greatly to Miranda’s frequent glances and exchanges with them, which only increase the humour of the show. A second series has just been commissioned – yay!

I'm taking 'semi-serious' to mean something along the lines of American crime dramas, because I'm a wee bit of an expert on them, and in many ways, they are semi-serious. I mean, the cadaver-count is way to high for them to be considered a com edy, but they don't require too much brainpower in general. And my favorite of the American crime drama heavyweights this year was easily 'The Mentalist'.
It has all the ingredients of a usual crime show- lots of bodies, and a cool office filled with sexy people who all want to have sex with each other (save in the case of Law and Order SVU, where non-sexy people investigate crimes involving people having warped sex with each other).
Yet what 'The Mentalist' adds to the mix is humour, in the form of fake-pyschic-turned-investigator and general wiseass, Detective Jane (Simon Baker)- his particular brand of witty, brash, and unforgiving humour always has me killing myself laughing- killing, get it?

So there were two shows meant to take over Lost. Flashforward and V. As previously discussed, Flashforward is a load of complete shite, but with V, ABC have managed to create the best TV series since, er...well, Lost, really. With Lost star Elizabeth Mitchell at the front of a cast who can act (again, we're looking at you Flashforward), this show is something to hang onto past the finale of season 6.

BEST ALBUM COVER: Animal Collective- Merriweather Post Pavillion
The album cover for Merriweather Post Pavilion, most recent album of Animal Collective, is an optical illusion of seemingly undulating leaves designed by Akiyoshi Kitaoka a Japanese Psychologist. The image intends to attract the eye and confuse the brain into thinking the petals are moving, something which it succeeds in every time.

WORST ALBUM COVER: Anni Rossi - Rockwell
I don't quite know what to say about this one. I mean, look at it. Just look at it! Maybe it's some ultra-cool hip statement about her music, but whatever, I'd rather just listen and not look at the cover for this violist's latest effort.

BEST MUSIC VIDEO: Ready, Able - Grizzly Bear
It graced this blog for as the song of the day last year, but why not have a second helping? Ready, Able is a technicolour rainbow of plasticine taking you on a weird and wacky journey through someone awesome person imagination.

ONE TO WATCH- Ellie Goulding
Born in Hereford, Ellie Goulding played and wrote her own music from the age of 15. After only two years of studying drama at Kent University she left to work on her music, releasing her debut single ‘Under The Sheets’ in September last year and touring with Little Boots in October. Ellie’s debut album ‘Lights’ is due to be released through Polydor on 1st March this year.
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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Heartland: Why Owen Pallett Has More In Common With Charlie Kaufman Than You Might Think

Last night I watched Adaptation. Y'know, that film written by Charlie Kaufman about Charlie Kaufman trying to write a screenplay? Yeah, that one. But whilst watching, I couldn't help but draw a similarity to someone a world away from Kaufman's weird set-inside-your-head screenplays; I couldn't help but think of Owen Pallett.
Released next week all around the world, Heartland is the third solo album from the Canadian violinist, better known by the Final Fantasy moniker that he retired late last year due to a legal threat from Square Enix, who brought us the video game franchise of the same name. But it wasn't just the name that Pallett originally took inspiration from - the title track from 2006's prestigious album He Poos Clouds is about loving a fictitious character from a video game. Pallett's obsession with video games can be traced back through his career, from his chosen stage name to song titles from his debut album (Adventure.exe, anyone?), and Heartland is no exception. Set in the fantasy world of Spectrum, Heartland is a tale of an ultra violent farmer, Lewis, and his struggle to come to terms with his creator and main deity of the land, our very own Owen Pallett.
An ambitious project, but nevertheless, despite the mythologies and stories Pallett has created, he never loses sight of the single most important feature: the music. A lot denser than He Poos Clouds, Pallett has maintained his personal charm whilst at the same time adding electronics and orchestras to create something that sounds, for want of a better word, epic. 'The Great Elsewhere' and 'Tryst With Mephistopheles' show some of Pallett's largest work yet, working with The Czech Symphony Strings and, on the former track, friend and composer Nico Muhly. It is also no surprise that Jeremy Gara of the Arcade Fire can be heard drumming on most tracks, most notable 'Tryst With Mephistopheles'. Musically, Heartland has already cemented itself as one of the firm favourites for album of the year.
So if the music betters Pallett's previous efforts, then what of the lyrics; the story? In creating Heartland, Lewis becomes aware of his creator, which sets the actual events narrated in the album into motion - it's a weird circle-like chain of events that no-one can really get their head around. Which brings me back to the Kaufman comparison. Pallett has continued to show himself as an artist in his own right - the fact that he is one of the most important names in popular music for his orchestral arrangements is completely irrelevant: as with any Kaufman script, Heartland is weird, captivating, confusing, and utterly brilliant.
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Monday, January 04, 2010

Song of the Day: Crown on the Ground by Sleigh Bells

Well, it's 2010. With the new year comes the latest crop of band set for fame this year. But if you're reading this blog you've probably never cared much for popularity, (no popular kids read blogs, right?) so here's one of our tips. They might not make it big, but they'll make good. Featuring Derek Miller, formerly of hardcore outfit Poison the Well, and former pop girl Alexis Krauss, this experimental pop duo are definitely something to look forward to this year.

With distorted drums and the catchy guitar and vocal hooks alike, Crown on the Ground is the best of the bunch we've heard so far.

MP3: Crown on the Ground [RS] Read More......
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