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Friday, January 15, 2010

5 Fashions: Music is My Hot, Hot Sex

DISCLAIMER: Ahem- Eileen would like to clarify that the tile is inspired by the title of a CSS song, and she's not some weird pervert who humps CD's in her spare time. Thankyou.

So, I reckon this might be the last post we here At the Sinema make as an homage to 2009. We've discussed our favourite music, films- even our favourite people to follow on Twitter.
This time, I'm going for something completely different. Having been inspired by some of the simply wonderful album sleeves I've seen on the shelves this year, I have decided to concoct some fashion looks, using these pieces of art as my muses.
Confused? Well, yeh- confusing is sort of my thing. For full infomration about any of the pieces, simply click on them to be taken to my newly-formed, shiny Polyvore account, which should give you all the information.

1. Piano Music's Ovations
This look is inspired by the slightly haunting and slight romantic cover of Piano Magic's 'Ovations'. I like to think of it as sort of a modern take on the classic outfits one might wear to sohisitcated dinner parties of yore, where scandal was rife and there was always a good murder or two. Well, this is the case if 'Gosford Park' was to be believed.

2. Loko's 'In Love'
The colourful and abstract nature of this cover required mismatched neon- lots of it- but pulled off with a certain finesse, so you don't look like the victim of an explosion in a glowstick factory.

3. U2's 'No Line on the Horizon'
Boring band, boring album, but I quite like the front cover. There's something beautiful about the simplicity of the black and white shot of the horizon. For this, I chose a more muted palette of colours, and quite feminine, delicate accessories.

4. Jarivs Cocker's 'Further Complications'
There's something quintessentially British about Jarvis Cocker. Cool, and kind of sexy in a straight-lace, geek-chic kind of way. So, I went for a shirt and tie, with a smart pair of shoes- but to add a bit of a classic British quirk, I threw in some denim and a few bangles.

I went for a slightly ethic-y, hippy feel, complete with bangles, leather fringe bag and leather shoes. I also added a dinosaur ring, because, well, it's awesome.

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