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Monday, January 18, 2010

Cinema 2009

Just a short post to share something pretty damn awesome with you.
I know I promised I was done reminiscing over 2009, but well, I stumbled across this little gem, and simply couldn't resist. It is, in its essence,a 7-minute movie montage of 342 films released in 2009. It is, more widely, the product of hours of hard work, and a pretty good overview of the 2009 cinescape.
I also challenge you to name as many movies in this montage as you can- I can name 61, and I'm pretty happy with that.


Aulawi Ahmad said...

hi tq for visit my blog, nice to know u :)

B.Held said...

so cool!

Chloe said...

that's actually awesome

B.Held said...

P.S. You should check out my new blog:
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Jessica Maybury said...

aahhhh information overload

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