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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Top 10 Sexiest Redheads In Music Today

Ok, so I guess I should just be honest and upfront: I have a confession to make.
I was once ginger.
I jest, but a lot of people find this fact shocking- as if I was naturally born with red/brown/’Deep Mahogany’ coloured hair- admittedly, I’ve played around a lot with hair dye over the years before settling on ‘Deep Mahogany’ in November of last year, but seriously. Ginger. Bright orange, for a while in fact.
And, as an ex-ginger, I feel it my duty to educate the world that ginger can in fact be very sexy. Admittedly, I looked like a freak when I had ginger hair (but that had more to with the train tracks, massive glasses and acne than the ginger hair). Thus, here is my list of ‘Top 10 Sexiest Ginger People in Music Today”:

Florence Welch, 'Florence and the Machine'

Florence Welch is a creature of strange beauty, I feel- there are those who’d sooner give her ‘A Kiss With a Fist’ than actually kiss her, but I’ve always thought there’s something about the slanted features and fiery locks. Plus, Welch makes her sound like she should be a farmer, which is slightly awesome.

Linnea Jonsson, ‘Those Dancing Days’

Linnea is Swedish, which means by law she should be excessively tall and have waves of bright blonde hair; however, Linnea’s sweet strawberry blonde ‘fro stares such stereotypes straight in the face, and says something fierce in Swedish. Breaking the rules never looked so good.

Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf could be my ideal man- if I liked my men exuberantly dressed, covered in glitter, and very gay. I don’ t, consequently, but if I did, I would follow Patrick Wolf around in eccentric attire, hoping I might be masculine enough to catch his eye.

Jessica Sutta, ‘The Pussycat Dolls’

You can’t really mention ginger people in music without Carmit from ‘The Pussycat Dolls’. However, since this is a list of ginger musicians today, and as Carmit is no longer a ‘doll, I shall just have mention Jessica, who recently died her hair a red-ish colour. It looks quite nice- she even looks reasonably classy in the photo above- her midriff is still exposed, but well, she is a Pussycat Doll- what did you expect?

Patrick Stump, ‘Fall Out Boy’

Really, if we’re being honest, El Stumpo is the most desirable member of Fall Out Boy. You may cry ‘Lulz wtf o__o ?!?! Pete Wentz is sooo daymn hawt LOLOLOL’, in which case you are a wemo, and your opinion on anything is irrelevant. But seriously- you can quite easily imagine curling up next to the big bear of lurve that is Patrick Stump on long, winter nights- curl up next to Wentz, and all you’ll get is an earful of ‘Who the Hell are you? And what have you done with Ashlee Simpson?’ I rest my case.

Sherri DuPree, ‘Eisley’

Sherri has gone through many hair-colour changes in her career, but I must say I think red suited her most. I also like the fact that in this photo, she is standing in front of a wall adorned in Superman wallpaper. Although I'm more of a Marvel girl personally, that's still pretty damn cool.

Neko Case

With her bountiful curls and brooding, sensual voice, Neko Case has it all. She looks sexy, she sounds sexy- and she's got a new album due out this year. What more could you want, really?

Stephanie O’Brien, ‘The Puppini Sisters’

The woman is ridiculously beautiful- classic features, pale skin, dark eyes, and most importantly abundant copper locks. Plus, she was totally rocking that 50’s-jazz-burlesque look before Dita von Teese made it cool.

Bob Morris, ‘The Hush Sound’

Behold Bob, in his bearded splendour! I think Bob is that rare combination of being beardy, ginger but still attractive. I have a friend who’s obsessed with Bob- she has a mug with a picture of him dressed as a cowboy on it. Seriously. The fact that I got it made for her is completely irrelevant.

Hayley Williams, ‘Paramore’

Say what you want about Paramore’s music, but I defy anyone who doesn’t think Hayley is one sexy chica. I would completely forget my heterosexuality for Hayley. Heterosexuality that has been somewhat called into question by writing of a list of 10 Sexy Ginger Musicians, 6 of which are female. Ho hum.

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Anonymous said...

ok i hav a few issues with thjs really there is only one sexy red head on this page of five the yes five the other five obvously do not have red hair they have brown or brewnet hair. as a redhead myself i am quiteoffened

Anonymous said...


Eileen said...

This post was just meant as a bit of fun, not to offend.
Also, beauty (and sexiness) is in the eye of the beholder, don't you think?

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