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Monday, May 25, 2009

5 Fashions: "Quirky Jewellery I Need"

This post was going to be called 'Quirky Jewellery I Want', but really, I need it. Possession of such crazy, quirky items is essential to my survival. Now I know such beautiful pieces exist, I must have them. My life feels empty without them. All of my kitsch knick-knacks can't compete with the beauty of what you're about to see. Ok, I'm going to stop blabbering, and show you what it is that I'm going for.

1. Enamel Frog Ring, Delfina Delletrez

Delfina Delletrez is known for her quirky and surreal jewellery designs- my favorite of these designs this season is this fabulous frog. However, this frog shall never be mine, as it is a tad expensive (418 euros), due to the fact it's silver, and the eyes of the frog are red sapphires. Still, my birthday's coming up, so I can always dream a kindly benefactor will deliver this to my door in some sort of cake box. It would be nice- hint, hint.

2. Vicolo Palglia Corta, Lomo Pendant Necklace

Some clever Italian sorts have come up with these brilliant pendants in the shape of Lomo cameras, made out of Lego pieces. Unfortunately, as the entire page they're contained on is written in Italian, I'll probably never own one of these either, which is a pity, because they're awesome. Then again, with some Bostick, some Lego and a pinch of crafty genius, I'm sure I could rustle up my very own Lego Lomo necklace.

3. Button Charm Bracelet, Unexpected Boutique

Want a charm bracelet, but think that dozens of chunky, mis-matched charms isn't your cup of tea? Well, this bracelet- adorned with dozens of tiny, multi-coloured buttons- could not be more adorable. Fashionable, colourful, and only £27- it's pra
ctically perfect in every way.

4. 'Out on a Limb' Pendant-
As the Mod Cloth website says, 'fashion is about taking risks'- I couldn't agree with them more, but this beautiful gold pendant is wearable by anyone- not just mad-hats and daring fashionistas (I include myself in the former). And at $12.99, it's a bit of steal. Get it while you can, I say.

5. Black Glasses Necklace, 1918 Vintage

These glasses are maybe my favorite p
endant ever. Kooky, versatile, and a must for anyone who doesn't really need glasses. I also think they're an easy way to complete an outfit. Buy me a pair, PLEASE.

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James said...

You should take a look at if you are after something quirky and original. Fun little doodle inspired acrylic necklaces and brooches.

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