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Friday, May 01, 2009


Eileen, The Boss- Everyone brings something different to the blog; Eileen brings the charisma. Although Eileen writes these bios, she feels this is a fair claim. Eileen is also a renowned scholar in the fields of American crime dramas, gothic novels and strangely attractive hairy men.

Chloe, The Laughs- Since joining the team in October, Chloe has been single-handedly taking on The Man. Whether she's questioning the immortal genius of, or denouncing the pop charts, she has become a one-woman campaign, taking down the seedy underbelly of pop culture. Oh, and she's quite funny.

Charles, The Artiste- A musical protégé, a tortured soul, a hit with the ladies- he's just a mystery wrapped in an engima. When he's not being to cool for us, Charlie writes about awesome music and 'serious' TV shows.

Tri, The Sex Appeal- Tri is one of those rare gems of a person who not only is sexually irresistible, but also a really lovely girl. Tri's hobbies include: sauntering around in ridiculously short outfits, drooling over Tegan and/or Sara, and charming her peers with wonderful mixtapes.

The main question I get asked here at the Sinema is: why is your blog called At the Sinema? Could you just not spell cinema, or something?
Well, no- that would be rather silly. It's actually The Sinema- because most of things I write about here are sinfully indulgent. Whether it's £100 umbrellas, my secret beardy-man fetish, using the blog as a platform to rant about my love/hate relationship with Mariana's Trench, or simply spending time listening to music/ watching films when I should probably be doing something constructive, sin is the colour of the writing here. Of course, it's sin-free for you- think of 'At the Sinema' as a lifestyle mixtape, giving you everything from new music, to innovative fashion- even a nice notepad or two. You can come here, stare at ginger people, read a few comics and listen to Shakira, and nobody need ever know. It can be our little secret.
See you soon,


selfdeprecate said...

100 for an umbrella? Damn girl.

Eileen said...

Yeeaah- it's diamond encrusted :)

Antony said...

Topless guy, very cute. :)

A x

Anonymous said...

I love this blog, it makes me wet. My fingers go squelchy for Eileen McNutty but I can't say the same for 'Tri' unfortunately.

Chloe said...

Hobson, I'm guessing.
But what the fuck about me? Am i completely ignored in this squelchy fingerness?? Is it perhaps because you are scared i'll punch you again...

yes, people, mr anonymous once ran away screaming from me and i punched him in the face. he's that much of a douche :)

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