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Friday, May 22, 2009


No, I'm not on some war against the spacebar, 'Bodyspacemotionthings' is the name of a new exhibition by Robert Morris at the Tate Modern.
You may be thinking, what makes this exhibit special? Well, I'll tell you- you can interact! With the art! Roll, slide, climb and swing all across it! You may not find this particularly exciting, but the last time this exhibit was showcased, some 30 years ago, the public went fucking wild! So flabbergasted were they that could TOUCH the art, nevermind run across it like a hyperactive three year old, people actually caused themselves bodily harm, throwing themselves- literally- into the exhibit. Bodyspacemotionthings finally had to be shut down when some excited visitors actually started swinging bricks on chains around the place, just because they COULD.
Luckily, some very clever people at the Tate thought they might re-open it, so they could, essentially, create another health and safety nightmare. I love it!
I certainly want to go- when I went, they were exhibiting The Crack (or whatever it was called- a picture of said crack is on the left) in the Main Hall (where Bodyspacemotionthings currently is)- I know it represents division and prejudice in society, but you can't slide down it, so Bodyspacemotionthings is vastly superior.

To further demonstrate the self-destructive GENIUS that is Bodyspacemotionthings, here is a video:

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