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Friday, August 14, 2009

Top 10 Sexiest Celebrities with Glasses

As a follow-up to Sexiest Redheads, here's my list of Top 10 Sexiest Celebrities with Glasses.
I have chosen to champion these bespectacled beauties to once again showcase the sexiness of some of society's celebrities with specs. People with glasses are often overlooked by society- deemed bookish, called 'four-eyes', and generally forgotten when it comes to physical appreciation. This article aims to showcase the yumminess of bespectacled seductresses and casanovas alike. So, in no particular order:

Kev Baird, Musician
Kev (of Two Door Cinema Club) has that tousled, slightly hairy look about him, but I think he wears it well. In the picture above, he looks like he's trying to pull off some sort of crazy dance move- I'm totally into guys who dance like complete idiots- as long as they don't try too hard.
MP3: Two Door Cinema Club- Undercover Martyn

Kay Hanley, Musician
Kay Hanley, aside from being a very gorgeous lady, is one of my idols. As the lead singer of Letters to Cleo, her music pretty much made my childhood- many hours were spent trying to copy her wacky hairstyles, to no avail. After that, she began recording with The Dilettantes (no, not the hairy folk group, the other Dilettantes), and my love for her increases. Here's to Kay- you're a legend.
MP3: Kay Hanley- Cellars by Starlight

Adam Tudyk, Actor
I think my lurve of Adam stems from the fact he is in some damn good films- Serenity, 28 Weeks, A Knight's Tale, and Dodgeball, to name but a few. If you don't recognise him, as a rule, he's the strawberry-blonde funny guy (and he's Steve the Pirate in Dodgeball). He wore glasses in 28 Weeks, and despite the fact he played an exuberantly gay sex/drug addict, I still found him a little attractive. I need help, I know.

Graham Coxon, Musician
Musical God and alternative sex symbol, Graham Coxon's pretty much got it all. First with Blur, and then on his own two feet, Coxon has established himself as a britpop legend- and he ain't all that bad looking, either
MP3: Blur- For Tomorrow

Dev Hynes, Musician
Ooh, there's a growing trend for musicians who started in bands (for Dev, it was Test Icicles) and then who branch out on their own (under the pseudonym Lightspeed Champion). As I've said before, there are three main reasons to love Dev:
1. He makes good music (always good for a musician to do that sort of thing, really)- and his song, Midnight Surprise, feature backing from Tilly and the Wall (who are some pretty cool cats).
2. His blog is awesome- it's filled with things such as word-play based movie reviews; I wish I was smart enough to come up with something like that.
3. He has very nice hair.
MP3: Lightspeed Champion- Galaxy of the Lost

Dallas Green, Musician
Ok,this is getting a little ridiculous- Dallas is in the band, Alexisonfire (whose new album is one of my favorites of this year) and also records his own stuff (under the name 'City and Colour', because his first name's a city and his surname's a colour- geddit?). I really should stop banging on about him on this blog, but seriously- he has an amazing voice, with the power to be both incredibly fragile and impressively powerful. He's also rocking that whole beardy, rugged thing, which I love.
MP3: City and Colour- Casey's Song

Becki Stephens, Musician
Becki was a former member of The Pipettes- a jazz-based girl pop British band I was crazy about 2-ish years ago. She's since left the band, along with another girl, leaving only one member to pretty much rebuild the band. I saw them a few years back at a charity thing, and I remember the girl whose still around (Gwenno) being pretty poor. Also, when I went to see them, I blew a kiss at one of them, and she winked at me- highlight of the evening- well, until CSS's set.
Clark Duke, Actor
Clark played a womanising lothario in 'Sex Drive', and despite his alternative look, you could completely see him being a playa off screen as well as on. Oh, and as far as 'Sex Drive' goes- if you're looking for an original, hilarious comedy, jog on- if you're looking for cheap and immature laughs (as I was), you'll fucking love it.

Melody Gardot, Musician
Ooft, she's one sexy mamma. If you like what you see, go watch the music video for 'Baby, I'm a Fool'- she's just in the bath. For no apparent reason. Niice.
MP3: Melody Gardot- Lover Undercover

Ed Helms, Actor
Yeh, another funny guy. Whilst watching 'The Hangover', it wasn't the beautiful Bradley Cooper who caught my eye (he's almost too good-looking), but the shy, bespectacled, hooker-marrying Ed Helms. And it wasn't just me- my Mom loves him too.

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Geistsoul13 said...

Interesting article! I wear glasses and I never understood why people think they look bad or dorky. They don't =p especially those in the above article.

Returning the favor for leaving a comment on my blog, Thank you!

Eileen said...

I know- I love my glasses. They're a real marmite thing for most people- you either love 'em or you hate 'em, I guess.

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