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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Karen-O-Rama! Part III

It's finally arrived- due to the success of Green-a-Rama, I present to you: Karen-O-Rama!
In the second chapter of my series on how to dress like my favorite fashion icons, I present to you three of my favorite Karen O looks, and how you get the same vibe in your outfits. So, without further ado, I present to you:

Part III: 'More Tea, Vicar?' (Click to Enlarge):

'Storm in a Teacup' T-Shirt, Start Static for Red Bubble, £14.49
It seems obvious to me that the foundation of this outfit has to be a T-shirt than features a cup of tea. Not only that, but it has to rival the awesome-ness of Karen's actual T-shirt. Step in Red Bubble: a website that puts artist's work onto T-shirts. This 'Storm in a Teacup T-shirt is one of my new favorite things ever. You should also check the 'PyNANAS' T-shirt, which rocks.

Starfish Tap Shorts, Anthropologie, £
Karen's shorts in this picture look small enough to be pants, so why not go whole hog and wear some pants? These shorts/pants/whatever are silk, and have starfish and other sea creatures embroidered into the side panels. Awesome, no?

Red Wide Braces, Topman, £12.00
I know the actual braces are black, but I felt this outfit could do with a bit of a colour injection. I also love the fact they're from Topman. Topman is vastly superior to Topshop, as they have better socks, boxers, hats and evidently braces.

Spider Web Tights, Urban Outfitters, £12.00
I feel the trick to looking fierce in patterned tights is to opt for a pair that are completely unique looking- and they don't come much more unique than these amazing spiderweb numbers from Urban Outfitters.

Amanda Boot, Charles Albert,
These knee-high red boots will, as their description says, 'add a little sass and attitude' to any outfit. And, for less than $40, they're cheap to boot. To boot? Get it?

Also, for your aural enjoyment, one of Karen O's songs. As there are 3 Yeah Yeah Yeahs albums and three looks, I thought one from each album. So, from 'It's Blitz!', here is Hysteric:

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