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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Remix Wednesday: New in Town to Animal

Remix Wednesday is another feature with a fairly telling name, because:
1. It features remixes, and;
2. It's on a Wednesday
Fool-proof, no?

Remix 1- New in Town (Golden Filter Remix)- Little BootsThink 'New in Town' has been overplayed? Think again. This remix, in all of its piano-playing, hand-clapping, echo-y, has given a new lease of life to a song that has had considerable airtime over the past few months. The kind of song that will have even the most retiring wallflower on the dancefloor, shakin' their ass.

Remix 2- Hearts on Fire (Viking Remix)- Cut CopyA jangly, happy, electronic feast for your ears, this remix of 'Hearts on Fire' by Melbourne-based Cut Copy still retains its happy-go-lucky, indie sound in this awesome remix.

Remix 3- Animal (Peter Bjorn and John Remix)- Miike SnowWhat do you get when you blend the musical talents of Peter Bjorn and John with Miike Snow? One Hell of a tune, of course. You may have noticed I quite like my remixes with a good beat to 'em- the wonderful, echoing beat to this one certainly ticks all the boxes.

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