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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Karen-O-Rama! Part II

It's finally arrived- due to the success of Green-a-Rama, I present to you: Karen-O-Rama!

In the second chapter of my series on how to dress like my favorite fashion icons, I present to you three of my favorite Karen O looks, and how you get the same vibe in your outfits. So, without further ado, I present to you:

Part 2- Fluorescent Adolescent (or 'More Fluorescent Than a Packet of Highlighters') (Click to Enlarge):

Bonfire Denim Shorts, Roxy, $36.50
Karen O is known for her love of kooky and adolescent clothing, so follow her eccentric and example and invest in these awesome bright green shorts. Perfect for raving and for the reach- a rare combination.

Music to My Ears Tank, Forever 21, $12.80
Admittedly this top isn't quite as fluorescent as Karen's, but it's amazing nonetheless. Forever 21 do have some pretty awesome graphic tank tops- I also love this one.

Loose Crop Tank, American Apparel, $15.00
I'm pretty sure this top would clash horribly with almost anything, but this baggy fluorescent crop top is so cool you wouldn't care. If you wore this, people would think you're so avant-garde and on the edge that you meant for your outfit to be a clashing disaster. Available in bright pink and bright yellow, but you should buy both.

Julu Jelly Shoes, Yoox,
£ 18.00
Because jelly shoes are do for a comeback. Do you remember them? I had a pair of bright green ones (alot like these ones, actually) when I was a kid. These are available in green, pink, blue, yellow and silver- a colour for every occasion, you might say.

Purple Fishnets, Torrid, $20.00
And, just to make sure we've got every shade under the spectrum covered in one outfit, bright purple fishnets.
Warning: this outfit is hazardously bright. Please handle with care, and always wear sunglasses for protection. Not suitable for diabetics or pregnant women. May cause sudden blindness, or a spontaneous loss of life.

Also, for your aural enjoyment, one of Karen O's songs. As there are 3 Yeah Yeah Yeahs albums and three looks, I thought one from each album. So, from 'Show Your Bones', here is Phenomena:

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