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Monday, August 10, 2009

Bytes From Cyberspace: The Superhero Edition

I don't really know whether or not it's come to your attention yet, but I'm a bit of a comic book geek. I'm not world's most hardcore fangirl, but I am partial to a good illustrated tale once in a while. So, it makes me giddy with joy to introduce: Bytes from Cyberspace- The Superhero Edition!

1. Strange TalesIt's less than a month until the release of Strange Tales, a new series from Marvel featuring all of your favorite Marvel characters as you've never seem them before. Compiled by some of the finest indie and alternative graphic novelists, including Paul Pope, Peter Bagge and Dash Shaw. Some have referred to it as 'apex of human artistic achievement'- admittedly, that's a quote from the editor, John Barber, but it looks awesome nonetheless.

2. The T-Shirts That'll Bring Me One Step Closer to Rorschach
If you've read/watched Watchmen, you might understand why I want Rorschach. Admittedly, he's a fictional character whose unhinged personality and unwavering sense of right and wrong ultimately land him in the crapper, but there's something about him. Although he's described as 'fantastically ugly', under that thermal mask, he could be anyone- and that's kind of cool.
Step in American Apparel's new Thermocromatic T-shirts. Although Rorschach's mask is supposedly the product of trapping a viscous, heat-sensing sensing between two thin layers of material, thermochromatic T-shirts will just have to do for now. So, go buy one, put it over your face and fulfill my every fantasy.

Disclaimer: If you approach my with a T-shirt on your head for real, I fully maintain my rights to smack you in the kisser.

3. Andre Jordan
I love Andre Jordan's amusing doodles- they're witty, insightful and humorous- what more could you want from your postcard? I love 'The Mask', above- but I'm scared of the actual Mask (y'know, the character portrayed by Jimy Carrey)? Yeh, I had nightmares for weeks after seeing that film. I was, like, four at the time, by the way.

4. Superhero- Jane's AddictionMy favorite superhero-related song. Check it out below:


Roflopagos Island said...

I like your style girl! I too am a bit of a fan geek myself. Hey...those American Apparel shirts are reminiscent of the Hypercolor shirts of the late 80's early 90's! Man, I thought I was the coolest wearing one of those when I was little.

Eileen said...

Thanks- and it's always nice to talk to another semi-geek. I'm a little young to remember Hypercolor, unfortunately, but they sound pretty damn cool.

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