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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What We Will Miss Out on At... FunFunFunFest

I thought, festival-season wise, that once V Festival was done I'd be through the worst. I was wrong. They've just announced the line-up for FFFFest, and it's fairly immense.
Taking place in Austin Texas on the 7-8 November, FFFFest is welcoming some formidable acts for it's fourth year, including:

Atlas Sound
Cool Kids
Crystal Castles
Of Montreal
This Will Destroy You

Pretty sweet, no? Also, for the first fortnight of sale, you buy a weekend pass for the meagre sum of $67.50- it's a steal! If flying to America didn't cost a bomb, I would so be there.

However, there is some good new on the horizon: I'm going to a festival!!!
Ok, so it's not like a proper festival, but Norbury Fest looks like it's going to be awesome. If you haven't heard of it, it's because it's based in the English countryside and is happening in my friends garden. It's legit, though. If you have any idea where Norbury is (it's in Shropshire- what do you mean you don't know where Shropshire is?), you should come check it on the 6th September. It's going to be a hoot!

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