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Monday, August 03, 2009

Bytes From Cyberspace

Unfortunately, I am stuck on my rather slow laptop at the moment, so I haven't been able to provide you with massive chunks of awesome-ness recently (except for the playlist, which was uploaded before my computer packed up). However, my computer is back tomorrow, and I have some fairly brilliant new things for you- including a 'Green-a-Rama!' remake, with another one of my style icons. Anyway, in the meantime, I thought I should update you on some random tidbits I found on my afternoon perusal of t'internet:

1. The Tentacle Building
Because there's nothing like giant inflatable octopus tentacles to spice up a building. This little slice of genius was brought to you by Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas, who described the building as: 'Octo-pied Building: a house with tentacular cancer.' No comment on the cancer joke, but a bitchin' building nonetheless.

2. Love in 2-DI don't know whether or not to find this article terrifying or hilarious. For those whose can't be arsed to read it- it starts put describing a couple- how they met, cute stuff they do together. Then it tells you that the 'female' in this relationship is a picture of a woman on a pillow. It's not even a blow-up doll, for Chrissakes! No womanly curves to handle, even if they are plastic and filled with air!
But it gets worse. The woman on the pillow is a cartoon drawing. We all know how big manga is in Japan, but this dude's actually sleeping with a drawing of one on a pillow!
BUT IT GETS WORSE! The drawing's of a 12 year old girl! It's pillow paedophilia!
Read it for yourself. Be creeped out. Realise the kind of nutters that are roaming the streets these days.

3. New Bat For Lashes Video for 'Sleep Alone'

It's safe to say that Bat for Lashes's videos are never going to be listed for 'Most Normal Music Video of the Year'- they're all wings, evil blonde twins and freaky dance moves. But bring on the crazy, I say! With that in mind, here's Sleep Alone, in which Natasha Khan roams the streets after deciding not to... well, Sleep Alone.
(Also, she's nominated for a Mercury Prize for Two Suns- I hope she wins, it's a top album).

4. Thom Yorke+ Bon Iver+ Twilight Sequel= WTF?
Yes, Thom Yorke and Justin Vernon have written new tracks for the soundtrack to 'New Moon', the sequel to everyone's (least) favorite twee-teenage-vamp flick. There are two possible reasons for this:
1. Cash
2. They actually like the franchise? (More likely to be the former, admittedly).
Besides- I for one will definitely be watching New Moon. Not for the diabolical plot, piss-poor acting, ridiculously obvious sexual undertones, the painfully cliche romance, or even for the music. I just can't resist the call of topless native Americans. Sorry.
Via: Stereogum

5. Peaches Covering Electric Six's 'Gay Bar'Purely for the laughs. One of my favorite blogs at the moment,, posted this little gem today. Go check it out here.

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