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Friday, August 21, 2009

Gig Posters

Well, it's official- last night was my last night out before my friends deserted me to go galavanting at V. What will now ensue is a long weekend of lonerism and / or movie marathons and / or lots of blogging. So, without further ado, my I present a post to share with you some of my favorite gig posters, giving credit to both the artists and- well, the artists. Enjoy!

Andrew Bird Poster by Jay Ryan
A beautiful poster, undoubtedly, but someone ought to teach this person how to pack. I mean, seriously, where on Earth would it be necessary to have an octopus and a fox in detective garb? Wherever it is, though, it sounds like my kind of place.
MP3: Nyatiti by Andrew Bird

Tiny Vipers Poster by Mara PiccioneAn exquisite, almost cubist, eyecatching poster. And the music's fab to boot.
MP3: 'On This Side' by Tiny Vipers

Vampire Weekend Poster by Aaron Gresham

This poster kind of reminds me of an American version of the front cover to Telekinesis's album (which depicts an up-side-down Big Ben). Gorgeous nonetheless.
MP3: Oxford Comma by Vampire Weekend

Sharon Van Etten Poster by Eric Nolan and Rebekah Kolp
Humorous as it might be, this muted and melancholy poster matches the songstress's performances to a tee.
MP3: For You by Sharon van Etten

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