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Thursday, June 03, 2010

A Remedy For The Reviser

Its that time of year again! The dreaded exam period -cue the boos- filled with revision, mountains of notes and (if you're like me) lots of highlighters, gel pens and a mega amount of DOODLES! So, because I am a very nice person, I have collected together a handful of youtube hilarity, but as soon as you have watched them go back to learning about (in my case anyway) distributed databases, Shakespearean performance conditions and women through the eyes of John Donne. Thank you and g'night!

Crazy Weather Man

Haiti's finest weather man and he's crazy, addictive laugh.

Would you like a mint?
object width="425" height="344">
Hours of fun this small clip has given me. You'll find yourself asking people everywhere "WOULD YOU LIKE A MINT?"

Beautiful Singers

I wish I had this type of talent


She thinks out of the blue, she's a smart little girl and she can do whatever she wants!


Hollie said...

Id also like to add that to verify I was human in posting that comment I had to type the word 'crakead'

Hollie said...

I feel famous now! Yay!

Chloe said...


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