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Sunday, June 06, 2010 A Man Market

Say what you will, but for me, Lookbook is all about the boys. I don't want to look at photos of exceedingly rich/beautiful, borderline anorexic girls with infinitely flawless hair. I'd much prefer to look at pictures of exceedingly hot, stylish dudes.
Here are some of Lookbook's finest slices of manhood doing what they do best- looking goood.


Chloe: Massl’s look is a classic; jeans, white tee, striped shirt and I really like it on lads. Its casual in a way that's comfortable, not scruffy and is very, very sexy. However, striped shirts and jeans is a look you see on so many guys, when I went partying in Liverpool with my boyfriend and his friends, all 5 of them sported the exact same look, not on purpose, obviously. Massl, unfortunately, hasn’t taken this well known ensemble and made it his own. But saying that, there is a reason its so popular, it works!

Eileen: I am an absolute sucker for a checked shirt. I have six, and any guy wearing them automatically looks way hotter. This may or may not be because my ideal man is some sort of bearded Canadian lumberjack with good arm muscles. I have to agree with Clo- not the most original look of all, but he works it, and I really want his boots.

Catriona: I do agree, white T-shirts and checked shirts are always good, and he is rather attractive, but I also think that those jeans are way too tight for him! His top half looks manly and sexual whereas the bottom half just looks skinny. (Brown boots with black jeans is also not a favorite of mine.)


Chloe: Denny’s look mixes the ‘nautical’ look as well as that indie blazer-hat combination we see every now and then. I absolutely love the nautical look and this red striped t-shirt is too die for, it especially works with Denny’s olive skin. Mixing the t-shirt with the blazer and hat really works, its casual, sexy and fashionable. However, I’m not a fan of the trousers, they remind me too much of the pedal-pusher trousers I used to wear when I was 5. But the top half of this outfit is very fashion forward.

Eileen: This look is smart yet casual- from the waist up. I really do not like those trousers- either you wear shorts or you don’t; anything in between just looks a wee bit ridiculous. It genuinely looks like his trousers are just too small for him! But I think the fact that he describes himself as an ‘Asian sensation’ and his trilby are enough to make me forgive him.

Catriona: I’m sorry, I feel rather mean for saying this but I’m just not a fan of this look either.


Chloe: Firstly, I must point out how GORGEOUS Uniyme is... yum. Right, back to the outfits. I absolutely adore Uniyme’s coat, it's stylish, the fabric looks gorgeous and it works well with the rest of the ensemble. Once again we see the return of the striped shirt, however, this time its been adapted to suit the wearers own personal style, Uniyme has it open, revealed a plunging t-shirt. Add in the dark jeans and the white belt to add a splash of bright amongst the dark colours and you have a great outfit. Absolutely love it.

Eileen: This dude has the nicest smile. I could stare at him all day- I’m pretty sure he could be wearing anything, and he’d still look bloody gorgeous. Completely agree with everything Clo has said- except maybe he should be wearing nothing under that shirt (but that’s just me being a major pervert). I also really love the white belt- it turns an accessory that’s often overlooked into a real statement in the ensemble.

Catriona: Mmmmmm. Nice... Oh sorry what? The clothes? Yeah they’re alright, but please stop distracting me from his smile. Thank you.


Chloe: Adam’s style isn’t exactly Haute couture, but it’s definitely fashionable. Its comfortable chic; beanie hats, mixed with band tee’s, jeans and conserves. Its grunge fashion at its best and the classic sunglasses just add that little bit extra. The cherry on the top of a great look, if you will.

Eileen: I really, really want this outfit. I’m not much of a beanie fan, but paired with those wayfarers, it really works. That pairing of the casual hat with the high-fashion shades adds an effortless feel to this look. I think The Who T-Shirt speaks for itself: awesome T-shirt + awesome band= cool in abundance. Add to this a pair of high-tops, which you can never really go wrong with. And, do I spy a checked shirt tied around his waist? I’m in love.

Catriona: I love the fact that he’s just sitting in a trolley, randomly. Now that’s my kind of supermarket shopping! He’s got the sexy sunnies, floppy hat, bright red converse and an ‘I just don’t care’ look about him that completes it for me.


Chloe: I’m not sure what to make of Andrew’s outfit. I liked it at first, but I think I was just blinded by how good looking he is. After that, I wasn’t so keen. Andrew doesn’t exactly bring anything new to the table; white t shirt, white shorts, tennis players have been sporting this for years. However, the hat suggests he hasn’t just stepped off the court. The hats good. I like the hat, its unusual, its out there and it makes the outfit a tiny little bit quirky, but only a tiny bit. However, I like the carefree nature of this outfit, its your stereotypical, bog standard ‘day in the sun’ outfit. And for that it works.

Eileen: Andreas is way too clean-cut for me- I would corrupt him, it would be awful. I found this outfit a little plain. And, what is with the hat?!? It really doesn’t fit with the rest of the outfit- it’s like smart, smart, farmer. Who is this dude, the ghost of farmers passed?

Catriona: Wow. He is beautiful. That is all I can say. The outfit is plain, simple, but I like it. Comfy Casual is the way forward.


Catriona: Here is my choice. It is just me or does Joss look somewhat like Channing Tatum in the left picture? I love the ripped jeans with the thick black belt, the checked shirt (that we all seem to have a taste for) and the leather jacket rolled up to the elbow. Again, its casual, but fitted enough to show off that figure which I am 98.3% sure is as chiseled as his cheek bones.

Eileen: I don't think he looks all that much like Channing Tatum, but he is pretty nice-looking. On a personal note, ripped jeans do nothing for me, but overall, quite nice.


Tri said...

Aww man I didn't get chance to put my fav one on!

Anonymous said...

The first one, it's the simplest and easily most effective of all of these.

Anonymous said...

The Asian Sensation is definitely gay.
And also looks a little like an organ-grinder monkey.

However, last one (L)

Eileen said...

Fellow Lookbook-ers can also join our discussion about hot LB men here:

Charles said...

lolol, I swear the first guy is me.

camilla said...

love the first one, and the forth one, and the last one. heck i love em all....

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