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Friday, May 21, 2010

What Will You Do When 'Lost' Is Over??

With the finale to everyone's favourite TV show almost over, I am kinda sad that this is it. I wonder if ever again there will be a TV show that makes us love/loathe/grow emotionally attached to an island only for it to just disappear completely at the end of season 4, leaving two seasons left of the show where presumably nothing happens, so they have to dream up some crazy ass "alternate reality" to make up for the fact that they forgot where they put the island.
What will people do when it's over?
Well, I will probably cry a bit, then after a while I will "get over it" as it's "only a TV show" and move on with my life. But for some people it's so much more than that. For Matthew Fox, who plays Sawyer, he will probably go looking 4 a new job to do, probably another one where he pretends to be the leader guy and bag "some hot stuff". Evangeline Lilly, who stole the role of Kate from Sun, will have to find another show to whore herself about, as she will no longer be working with/fucking Sawyer wannabes Charlie, Faraday and maybe Hurley too. And Jack will have to stay on 4eva and protect the island. Does this mean that 'Lost' won't be over for him?? Will he get to "watch" it permanently, whilst maybe protecting the island from "the real Sawyer"? And what about Desmond? Will 'Lost' ever be over for him, or will he have weird dreams/consciousness altering visions about the island for the rest of his life?
Will Ji Yeon and Aaron get together and be the new Usher + Justin Bieber??
Should Benjamin Linus have been cast as Hurley?
See you in another famous TV show, brother.

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Eileen said...

WTF Michael Emerson auditioning to be Hurley?!?

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