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Thursday, December 17, 2009

5 Fashions: Kooky Stocking Fillers

Just when it seemed that I might have to abandon '5 Fashions' (because, let's face it, we'll all be hiberating in trackies and wooly jumpers for the next month or so)- I had a brainwave. I'll use 5 Fashions as an otulet for my surplus amount of quirky gift suggestions! Because, really, there's nothing more a la mode than being generous at Christmas time.

1. The Indie Rock Colouring Book, Yellow Bird Project, $10 Ever wondered how colouring books could be made any more awesome? By allowing you too 'Wiggle yourself through the intricate Broken Social Scene maze, color Bon Iver's enchanted water supply, or slide down the psychedelic playground of MGMT', of course! Yes- it's a colouring book with activities inspired by indie-rock musicians. And yes, it's freakin' awesome. My particular favorite feature is 'Draw Rilo Kiley's current hairstyles!'- endless hours of fun right there.
MP3: Rilo Kiley- Portions for Foxes

2. Bacon Bandages, Perpetual Kid, $3.99 I have a little saying- 'everything's better with bacon'- and now, even your minor cuts and grazes can bask in the glory of my favorite pork-related food product! As mouthwatering as they are sterile, each tin contains 15 plasters.

3. Lego Wallet, Color By Numbers, £20.00 It seems you can get everything lego-fied these days; and wallets are no exception. Each hand-made wallet features white, yellow, black, lime, brown, oprnage, blue, green and red bricks.

4. Origami Sticky Notes, Perpetual Kid, $3.99 I'd love to know who comes up with the product ideas featured on How do we plasters more exciting? Make them look like bacon. How do we sex up post-it notes? Have printed instructions on them, so you can transform them into beautiful origami creations once they've served their purpose. Whoever comes up with these knick-knacks is quite clearly a genius, and it's probably of great benefit to mankind that they're fighting for good and not evil.

5. Stacked Paperback Wallpaper, Anthropologie, £127.59Ok, so this would only be considered a 'stocking filler' by people who heat their house by burning hundred pound notes, but it's simply too awesome to ignore. If having endless amounts of bookcases isn't enough to prove your bookishness, then Tracey Kendall has the answer- this handy wallpaper, featuring a print of stacks of books. Inspired!

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