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Monday, July 19, 2010

5 Fashions: Autumn/Winter 2010

The dresses have been packed away, the startling make-up removed, the catwalks dismantled- Fashion Week A/W is over for another year. But, the real work is just about to begin.What we saw in fashion week is now being fervently carbon-copied by every store nationwide- and here's my guide on the top trends to be coveting before they become 'cool' in autumn.


This fashion week was all about practicality over sexiness- the garments we saw were made to adorn the high-powered business woman, not the screen siren. This means the skirts are getting longer- say 'goodbye' to bodycon and 'hello' to a much more mature cut. Inspired by the likes Marc Jabobs, Asos' A/W collection is taking the 'long skirt' to even more extreme lengths in the form of the maxi skirt. Stylish, practical and able to hide a multitude of sins, you can pick one up here for a mere £28.


Outerwear in itself was a big concept- whether it's camel skin, tweed or fur, the more outlandish the fabric, the better. If you're not quite brave enough to attempt an electric blue and black furry number, as seen at Doo.Ri, perhaps the Camel Coat is for you. The gorgeously cut one above is from Jigsaw- it may be £149, but this season's outerwear is such a key wardrobe staple, it's important to buy quality.


Nude is still a heavy-hitter this season, but with a slight twist. The pastel pinks and peaches of summer are to be replaced by more earthy beige tones. If the camel coat isn't your cup of tea, perhaps try another one of the season's trends- the wide-leg trouser, seen at Chloe. The Esprit trousers above are ridiculously on trend- not only are they loose-fitting and beige, but also upturned and tapping into the adrognous trend. Snap up a pair for £39.99 whilst you can.


Run and hide, velvet is making a comeback. I wish I was joking, but Dolce and Gabbana, Karen Millen, Thakoon and Alexander Wang are all at it. A particularly prominent colour appears to be burgundy (a la Altuzzara and Dolce and Gabbana, above). Should you wish to attempt this trend, the high street hasn't quite caught on, but you could opt for the slinky 'Goddess Dress' by Isabella Oliver ($194)- however, this one does show alot of thigh, so isn't massively in line with the mood of this season. Guess we'll just have to wait and see if the high street catches on...


Yes, you did read that correctly- according to those in the know, 'Buxom is the new flat-chested, daahling'. If your own d├ęcolletage leaves alot to be desired, opt for another seasonal trend- the ruffled dress. The exaggerated ruffles have moved further inwards from the shoulders of last season, and should now be used to accentuate the bust, exemplified by Prada (above). The new O&O range(available at Urban Outfitters, click here) is perfect for this- the dress above is just £40, and boasts Prada-esque nude tones and bust ruffles.

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