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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Bands of Scott Pilgirm

As I'm sure many of you are aware, Pilgrimania is sweeping the nation (as I predicted), the latest manifestation of which is the star-studded soundtrack. The films will feature three main fictional bands, and obviously required three real bands to provide the tuneage. Meet these bands below:


A.K.A: Sex Bob-Omb
Where the Name Came From: Super Mario games, obviously. If you don't know what a Bob-omb is, you should probably gtfo.
The Real Band: Beck Hansen is an indie rock singer-songwriter, famed for his eclectic sound and the multitudinous instruments he can play. His unusual style has been compared to both Bob Dylan and Prince, which doesn't actually tell you a whole bunch about his sound, so you should probably just go listen to him.
The Fictional Band: Sex Bob-Omb is comprised of Scott Pilgrim on bass, Kim Pine on drums and Stephen Stills ('the talent') on vocals and guitar. In the books, rarely do their concerts go to plan, as they are often interrupted by epic death matches between Scott and Ramona's evil exes. If the film doesn't feature the gig they do in fancy dress, I'll be severely disappointed.


A.K.A: The Clash at Demonhead
Where the Name Came From: A NES game of the same name
The Real Band: Indie rock darlings Metric have been pumping out solidly alright music since the late 90's. 'Live It Out' is a terrific album, but I wasn't personally smitten by 'Fantasies'. Oh, and the song they did for the Twilight soundtrack was the worst.
The Fictional Band: The Clash at the Demonhead are the most famous/ successful band, made up of Envy Adams (Scott's ex who by all accounts is a massive bitch) Todd Ingram (Envy's paramour, who has super vegan powers) and Lynette Guycott (who plays drums and has a bionic arm which can punch the highlights out of people's hair).


A.K.A: Crash and the Boys
Where the Name Came From: The video game 'Crash 'n the Boys: Street Challenge'
The Real Band: Broken Social Scene are a loose musical co-operative hailing from Toronto. Much like Metric, they formed in the late 90's and have a strong indie-rock vibe. Emily Haines (of Metric) is also a member of BSS, as well as other well-known names such as Feist, Sebastian Grainger (of DFA 1979) and Amy Millan (of Stars). They are also the masterminds behind 'Forgiveness Rock Record', one of my favourite albums of this year.
The Fictional Band: These dudes don't play instruments, they can manipulate soundwaves with their minds. After a bit of a mutiny, they change their name to 'The Boys and Crash'.

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