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Sunday, November 01, 2009

October: A Memoir

October has been a pretty exciting month for us here At the Sinema. We've gained not one, not two, but three new writers, which will hopefully make our future content alot more varied (because, really, there's only so long you can probably stand hearing about comic-book obsession/ indie-rock infatuation / love of hairy men). So, here's our round-up of the month, and the TV, music and movies that are not to be missed.

Film of the Month: 'Up'The primary aim of most children’s films these days is to work on a number of levels- they must have plot simple enough to engage with a younger audience, but they must also have elements that keep the parents entertained too. However, never before have I seen a film achieve this goal with as much aplomb as ‘Up’.

From a kid’s perspective, it works. It’s a visual feast, with infantile comedy (talking dogs never go amiss), and a lot of heart- and if that doesn’t appeal to them, there’s also enough balloons to revert Darth Vader to a state of child-like giddiness.

But, there’s so much more to enjoy for an adult audience. This film- which begins with an old man losing his beloved wife, whom has spent all of his life with, and deciding to fulfil their life-long dream alone- is so poignant, so touching, and finished with such a pure, child-like sense of simplicity, it’s impossible not fall head-over-heels in love with it. A better film I have not seen all year- in short, it’s a masterpiece. Go see it now.


Album of the Month: ‘Logos’ by Atlas SoundSainthood, Terra Incognita, Masterpiece Theatre- the list of albums that fell short of my (rather lofty) expectations goes on and on. Month after month, I’ve sat down, plugged in my speakers, prepared to be dazzled, and came away feeling dejected. So, by the time ‘Logos’ arrived, it was fair to say I’d resigned myself to another anticlimax.

Luckily, such expectations were surpassed. There are some truly beautiful moments on ‘Logos’- the title song, for instance, has moments that can only be described as delicate and enchanting. But what sets it apart from most experimental albums of the year is variety- the album weaves from pretty to catchy, making pit stops at melancholy, and all finished off with the sort of fuzzy vocals we saw on Wavves’ latest offering- only this time, they work.

However, the overall impression of this album is almost blurred- in places, the distorted layers of sound build up to a largely forgettable song- you’d be hard-pushed to hum along to most of this record. And although there are much more distinctive, accomplished experimental records around this year, this dreamy and imaginative album is definitely worth a listen.

MP3: Logos

TV Show of the Month: 'Flashforward'

A few months ago I stumbled upon an article about an upcoming American TV show, which had been compared by ABC as a companion show to Lost. As Lost is one of biggest and probably best TV show of the past decade, this was quite a bold claim on ABC's part. But the idea seemed intriguing enough; everyone in the entire world's consciousness skips forward six months. Basically, people see the future. Couple this with a good cast list (including Lost's Dominic Monagan and Sonya Walger) and this show was set to impress. And, after watching the première, I had high hopes that the show would do just that. Although a far cry away from reaching ABC's expectations, it made for a very good series. Unfortunately a good cast list and a brilliant idea aren't everything. Within a few episodes we are submitted to weak script writing, sub-par and seemingly irrelevant story lines and a few cases of rather dire acting (we're looking at you, John Cho).
Read the full review here >>>>


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