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Sunday, November 01, 2009


A few months ago I stumbled upon an article about an upcoming American TV show, which had been compared by ABC as a companion show to Lost. As Lost is one of biggest and probably best TV show of the past decade, this was quite a bold claim on ABC's part. But the idea seemed intriguing enough; everyone in the entire world's consciousness skips forward six months. Basically, people see the future. Couple this with a good cast list (including Lost's Dominic Monagan and Sonya Walger), this show was set to impress. And, after watching the première, I had high hopes that the show would do just that. Although a far cry away from reaching ABC's expectations, it made for a very good series. Unfortunately a good cast list and a brilliant idea aren't everything. Within a few episodes we are submitted to weak script writing, sub-par and seemingly irrelevant story lines and a few cases of rather dire acting (we're looking at you, John Cho).

But that's not all that's wrong with Flashforward - the Lost comparisons definitely don't help either. If anything, Lost is taking away from the show that Flashforward could be. The Oceanic billboard in the first episode was a step too far. ABC need to let Flashforward grow and evolve naturally, instead of being compared to Lost at every opportunity. Only then (provided the scriptwriting improves rather dramatically over the coming weeks) will Flashforward have a chance at finding its own feet in the TV world.
Oh, and the logo really sucks.

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