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Monday, November 02, 2009

Playlist 6: Day and Night, Pt. I- Day

So, when we decided on the theme for our first group playlist, we came up with 'Day and Night'- seems oddly appropriate with the clocks going back a couple of days ago, afterall. But what we found when we actually came to choosing our songs was that we simply had to many songs to choose from. So, we've split our playlist into two- you'll get the second half around halfway through the month. So, may I present to you:

Playlist 6: Day
The sunnier, more carefree half of this month's playlist

Eileen's Picks:
1. FLORENCE + THE MACHINE- Dog Days Are Over
2. NEKO CASE- Magpie to the Morning
3. THE KINKS- Sunny Afternoon
4. THE HUSH SOUND- Crawling Towards the Sun
5. DREDG- Long Days and Vague Clues
6. THE BEATLES- Daytripper
8. THE APPLES IN STEREO- The Afternoon

Chloe's Picks:

9. RUMBLE STRIPS- Alarm Clock
11. LITTLE ONES- Morning Tide
12. OASIS- Morning Glory
13. ZERO 7- Morning Song

Tri's Picks:
14. ADELE- Daydreamer
15. BLOC PARTY- Sunday
16. ANNA NALICK- Wreck of the Day
17. ATHLETE- Yesterday Threw Everything At Me
18. STRAYS DON'T SLEEP- For Blue Skies

Charles's Picks:
19. JONI MITCHELL- Morning Morgantown
20. POMEGRANATES- Everybody, Come Outside!
21. BELLE AND SEBASTIAN- Another Sunny Day
22. CAMERA OBSCURA- Honey in the Sun
23. ELBOW- One Day Like This

You can now listen to the whole playlist on the nifty little i-Pod below. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

a spectacular playlist ;-)

Eileen said...

Why thankyou very much, darling.
I've (finally) uploaded the second half here:


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