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Sunday, September 13, 2009

10 Film Love Interests Who Aren't Utterly Loathsome

So, I was watching 'I Love You, Man', and I was shocked. Not so much by the film itself (it's as awesome as people say it is, by the way), but because of the fact that Paul Rudd's betrothed, Rashida Jones, was actually watchable. A love interest that isn't vapid and painful to watch, you shriek in horror? I know!
Everytime I watch a film these days, particularly a comedy, the girl is just a pretty face with absolutely nothing behind the smile. All I'm asking for is a little personality, for chrissakes!
So, I got to thinking, there has to be other lov
e interests in films who aren't completely vile, right? Well, it just so happens I've found a list of ten of them- and it wasn't easy kids. So, in no particular order:

1. Rashida Jones as Zooey Rice, 'I Love You, Man'
The character of Zooey pretty rad- she owns her own shop, has crazy friends, and is totally cool with her fiancee spending times chillin' with the guys. At the same time, she seems to have some genuine personality, which a lot of love interests lack.

2. Missi Pyle as Fran, 'Dodgeball'
This minx who can kill a man with a dodgeball captures the heart of Owen, from rival dodgeball team, Average Joe
's. Thus begins a tragic love story, in the style 'Romeo and Juliet', with our conflicted, star-crossed lovers trying to contend with their emotions. A true love story for our time, kids.

3. Amy Smart as Tracy Faucet, 'Rat Race'
You can never say Tracy Faucet doesn't have personality- mainly because she might kill you if you did. She does nearly kill her ex-boyfriend by chasing him with a helicopter afterall.

4. Rupert Everett as Camilla Fritton, 'St Trinian's'
Headmistress of an anarchic school for girls, Camilla Fritton is an English Rose who knows what she wants- and what she wants is Geoffrey Thwaites, as played by Colin Firth. Miaow.

5. Rachel Blanchard and Christina Moore as Flower and Butterfly, 'Without a Paddle'
Because, really, who wouldn't want these crazy, hairy, hippy chicks who live in a tree and pelt bad guys with faeces?

6. Julia Stiles as Becky, 'A Guy Thing'
A carefree spirit who can't h
old down a job or a man, with a crazy ex-boyfriend who assaults any guy who comes near her, and who accidentally ends up in bed with her cousin's fiancee (but not in the way you're thinking of)- you don't get much more awesome than Becky. Julia Stiles as Katarina in '10 Things I Hate About You' was also a consideration, but, of course, she's not the love interest- Heath Ledger is.

7. Jennifer Morrison as Jamie, 'Grind'
Nearly every other girl in this film is a skater groupie played by a Playboy Bunny, so Jennifer Morrison is a breath of fresh air. She's not in this film as a random lay, oh no- her character can actually skate! I also quite like the girl who steals their van- good looks and criminal genius is a pretty good combination.

8. Tia Carrere as Cassandra, 'Wayne's World'
She doesn't just fall for the first guy who walks her way- indeed, Wayne actually had to learn Cantonese to woo her. Plus, she can really wail.

9. Aubrey Plaza as Daisy, 'Funny People'
She's a chick comedian, legitimately funny and she has an awesome fringe (or 'bangs', if you're American). Need I say anymore?

10. Julianne Moore as Maude, 'The Big Lebowski'
My favorite straight-talking alternative artist. I don't know whether or not 'love interest' is quite the right word for Maude, but she sleeps with the main character, so what the Hell.

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