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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mean/Funny Things to Do To Your Pets

Are you, like me, one of these people who think people who dress their pets up are really stupid, but would secretly find it hilarious to dress your own pet up? Is that a yes? I thought so.
The solution: don't do it to your own pet, just laugh at other peoples'! If you find dressed-up pets as awesome as I do, check this out:

Julie Jakcson started putting wigs on her poor, suffering cat as a means to relieve stress/boredom. Fast foreword to the present day, where 'Kitty Wigs', as it has come to be known, is a global phenomenon (apparently), and now has its own book. 'Glamourpuss' is said to be a collection '60 stylish portraits showcasing furry models in the most fetching custom-made cat wigs ever created.' Riight. Nevertheless, it's kinda funny. Read more here >>>

MINOU PITOU DOG COATSThe perfect way to optimize dog-outfit-hilarity- dress them up as a dinosaur!
Little else can be really be said about the sheer wondrous-ness of Minou Pitou outifts. I mean, where else can you find a costume that makes your dog look like the victim of a brutal zombie attack? I love dogs, I love zombies, I love dinosaurs. Combine all three, and you get an idea of just how awesome this store is. Visit it here >>>


B.Held said...

it's horrible!

Eileen said...

I can see why you'd say that. My Mom's one of these people who loves to dress up her pets, though, so I've had this sort of genetically encoded into me. She dressed our dogs up as Santa Claus and an elf last Christmas. No joke.

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