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Friday, September 04, 2009

August: A Memoir

Sorry I've been so inactive for the past few weeks- it seems like its been one thing after another. As soon as I get back home and am ready to do some blogging, the bloody computer gets a virus! And a mean one, as well-so, my computer's pretty much out-of-bounds, so I've been forced to use my brothers laptop. However, all of the stuff I wanted to share with you guys is still on my computer, so I'm a little restricted as to what I can do.
Enough about me, anyway- lets talk about August. It's flown by, hasn't it? It seems like only yesterday everyone was celebrating 6 weeks of holiday, and now we're all headed back to school/college/wherever. So, lets look back at the good times with August: a memoir.

Movie of the Month: Funny PeopleYou know I haven't frequented a cinema all that often this month when 'Funny People' is my movie pick. It's the only film I've gone and seen this month- and only because it was on a date. With films such as 'The Time Traveller's Wife' and 'My Sister's Keeper' topping the bill, I've been feeling a little uninspired.
Still, this movie has divided critics straight through the middle- some see it as a sprawling and ambitious look into how peoples' live are altered by terminal disease, others see it as 146 minutes of nothing. I must say, I'm with the former- I was initially sceptical about an Adam Sandler movie. He has his moments (Little Nicky), but alot of his films are throwaway and unmemorable. Y
et, in this comedy-drama, in which he plays a comedian facing death, he genuinely put in a solid performance. Although I agree with the critics that say not alot happens in this film, I think it is important to show that just because your life may be drawing to a close, you may not necessarily get that blockbuster ending that people in Hollywood films often receive. I also liked the different parts of the film- the comedian roommates dynamic, the family that Sandler's character basically sets out to destroy, the unlikely friendship that arises between Sandler and his assistant, Seth Rogen. If obvious laughs, ridiculously perfect endings and non-stop action, this film isn't for you. But if you're content with a slower pace, I seriously suggest you check this film out.

Album of the Month: 'Humbug' by Arctic MonkeysNow, anyone who comes to this blog for the first time and gets a face full of Arctic Monkeys is going to assume one thing- I'm an indie nerk. Well, I'm not- and I'm not a massive Arctic Monkeys fan either. But just hear me out- this is not your average indie album. It's a got a dark, gothic, psych-rock edge and is practically oozing with kinky S&M sexual undertones. Yeh, seriously. You should check this baby out. Still not convinced? Read my song-by-song commentary here.

Playlist of the Month: MapsSince this month's playlist is saved on my broken computer (Gah!), you might as well savour this one, since I don't know how long it'll be until I can get the next one on t'internet. This playlist is all about holiday locations- from Paris to Beijing, London to California. Listen to it in the right sidebar now, or click here for the full track list.

My Favorite Posts of This MonthHere is the line-up of my favorite goings on during August here at the Sinema:
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anicam said...

Nice site Thannks for sharing

lena said...

Thanks for reviews, they seem really be helpful :)
Not a big fan of Adam Sandler, but might check the movie anyways.

Eileen said...

I'm not a massive Adam Sandler fan, but he is pretty good in 'Funny People'- Seth Rogen still steals the show for me, though.

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nice site.. keep it up =0

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