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Monday, October 19, 2009

Song of the Day: Valentine by The Crowns

Paloma Faith.
Ellie Goulding.
Just two of the names that I tipped for the big time only a few months ago, and I've heard both of them of Radio 1 this week. But, I'm not here to gloat- I'm here to share with you my next slice of fresh aural goodness- The Crowns. What first springs to mind when you hear Amsterdam? Windmills? Tulips? The Red Light District? Well, soon enough, I feel the indie-rock tunes of The Crowns could be up there on that list.
The Crowns, like so many before them, are a Myspace phenomenon. However, unlike many before them, they didn't rest on their laurels and wait for a record company to latch onto the hype; they released their self-titled album off their own back. A bold move, but in the days where record companies so often taint records with over-production, it may be a wise move too.

FUN FACT TIME! Not only is 'Valentine' the name of one of their songs, but it is also the name of the lead singer, whose bio states:
'Valentine is best known for being the inventor and world champion of extreme yodeling. Some 20 years ago, after a failed career in Japanese sumo wrestling, Valentine became a recluse in the Swiss Alps. Solitary, yet greatly inspired by traditional Swiss clothing and cuisine, Valentine laid the groundworks for extreme yodeling. Valentine is 23 years of age and can be seen on ESPN hosting the show Yodel or Die.'
Don't you feel enriched by that nugget of knowledge?

MP3: 'Valentine' by The Crowns

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