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Thursday, October 01, 2009

September: A Memoir

I understand my updates have been a wee bit infrequent this month, but here's what's been going on in the wonderful world of Eileen (that's me) this September:

Film of the Month- 500 Days of SummerWhen it comes to the rom-com film industry, the rules of the game are changing. Everything's getting a little more 'indie'- the tick list back in the days was a cute guy, a cute girl, a 'cute meet' and a predictable ending. These days, it's all about geek-chic guys n' gals striking up funny and witty conversations and going on a string of unconventional dates, to a backdrop of whatever music is 'in' (think Feist and Vampire Weekend).

But what seems to have stayed the same is the predictable ending- unless, of course, you're watching 500 Days of Summer.
You've got all of the usual features of a geek-chic rom-com, but with a few commitment-phobes, wise-cracking younger sisters and gratuitous karaoke scenes thrown in- as well as a bittersweet ending you probably won't see coming.
500 Days of Summer won't break any boundaries- it's still cutesie and indie to the core. It's just taking a familiar genre, giving a few extra perks, and trying to gently nudge it in a different direction.

Album of the Month- 'The Resistance' by MuseWith a band like Muse, I really don't want to say anything overly critical, for fear of having abuse hurled at me by their fans.
Lucky I don't have a critical word to say, really.
'The Resistance' is everything we've come to expect from Muse- dramatic, ambitious, experimental- and oh so much more. They appear to got a giant music blender, shoved in a massive dollop of futuristic electronica, a largely unnecessary amount of anthemic riffs, a sprinkling of Orwell references, a spoonful of recycled riffs (mostly from 'Origin of Symmetry', my favorite Muse album), a fair quantity of Queen, and a little bit of Bellamy magic, to taste.
What we have here is bags of ambition, a more modern sound, but a record that in places tries to hard to achieve those big hitters Muse has so often composed before. Not their best work ever, but definitely signs of musical progression there.

Fashion Designer of the Month- Roksanda Ilincic

Tall, sweeping frocks in soft colours, but with a distinctly structured look- what more could you want? From fashion school to fashion star in a few short years, Roksanda combines a punk-rock feel with the classic lines for a collection that's unique and mindblowing.
I would also like to point out how awesome the scruffy-ponytails Dior were rockin' for Spring/Summer 2010 were:
Posts of the Month:
10 Film Love Interests Who Aren't Utterly Loathsome: Tired of vapid, two-dimensional love interests in films? Want to see some legitimate characters, as well as some romance? Well, look no further- I have a list of 10 Romantic Supporting Actors who might tickle your fancy.

10 Songs of the Week- The Cure, The Beatles, Neko Case, Alexisonfire- my ten songs on heavy rotation during September. Bit of a mixed bag, so hopefully something for everyone.

Missed Connections- Gosh, I'm in an amorous mood this month! The Autumn does strange things to me. Art to celebrate the amorous glances and missed chances we all experience.


Ingrid said...

You have such a lovely blog! :)
I must say that, I love the designer you chose! Those outfits are absolutely amazing and it's just the kind of style i like!

Keep on blogging :) Take care,

Eileen said...

I just saw some of her designs ina magazine the other day, and just thought 'wow'. I love it when fashion magazines are actually fashionable...
Thankyou for the lovely comment!

Rohini said...

Thanks for dropping in on my blog, and you know what, I love ur blog! I have been wanting to watch 500 days for some time now, guess now I really should grab a DVD...

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