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Saturday, February 13, 2010

5 Great Songs In Foreign Languages

Parce que la musique est la vie!

1. Francois & The Atlas Mountains - Royan
I came to the attention of this song after it featured this weeks episode of skins. There is something pure, almost angelic about the backing vocals that makes this a haunting listen.

2. Kinky - Papel Volando
From Mexico, Kinky have a dancey-techno feel about them, especially in these song. I love the chorus sound of their voices. This song was featured in the second series of Gossip Girl, which is, unfortunately, where I caught wind of it, but I absolutely love it now.

3. Carla Bruni - Quequ'un M'a Dit
Yes, THAT Carla Bruni, as in the woman who is now married to the president of France, Nicholas Sarkozy. Not only a first lady generally or a first lady of fashion, Bruni can clearly carry a tune. This song, featured on the '500 Days of Summer' soundtrack is beautifully sweet.

Plastic Bertrand - Ca Plane Pour Moi

An absolute classic! Perhaps the most successful song written in a different language to ever hit the UK. It just makes me want to jump around, head banging and try desperately to sing along... I fail there though.

Rose - Ciao Bella
Sweet, singer songwriter with a charming voice. Don't be fooled by the name though, she isn't Italian, she's French, like most people on this playlist, but hey, the French do good music, what can i say?

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Donald said...

this remains as my favourite foreign song of all time.

although, do english songs count as "foreign" for me?

Chloe said...

ohmigoddonald. i love this song! :)

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