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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

High Heel Hunt: Part 1

I have a massive confession to make.
I don' t own a single pair of high heels.

You might be asking how the Hell a girl who regularly blogs about fashion could go through her life without ever purchasing a pair of stilettos or wedges- well, the answer is threefold:

1. I have fat feet- they're kind of square, so high heels (designed for women whose feet could be described as 'dainty' and 'elegant', and not 'chunky' or 'deformed') cause me immense physical pain.
2. I'm short. It's my niche. Put me in a pair of heels, and you eliminate what I like to call the 'tiny and adorable' factor, which is pretty much the only viable angle for a girl as dorky as myself. As a short person, I can just take all that nerdiness and make it endearing. In a pair of heels, I just come across as slightly deranged.
3. I'm massively clumsy- we're talking broken bones, stitches in both my knees, shins and face (all separate ocassions), and even bruised teeth. I bet you didn't even know people could bruise their teeth. Well, they can, and throwing a pair of glorified stilts into this equation will probably end in tears, or at least a trip to A and E.

And yet, I'm willing to put all of these reservations aside in search of the perfect pair of high heels. Thus, I invite you to join me on my quest to find my perfect pair- and you just might find yours too!
High Heel Hunt: ModCloth
As anyone who frequently reads the fashion section may have noticed, I'm rather in love with this website. To visit ModCloth is to fall into a magical world of beautiful vintage-style pieces that seamlessly blend into a modern lady's wardrobe. Although the shoes on this site are theatrical and fabulous (and therefore right up my street), ModCloth is not the hidden gem it used to be- thus, supplies run out fast. The two pairs of shoes on the left, for instance? Both sold out. And the two pairs on the right- the 'Veronica' and the 'Cirque de Sole-leil'- come in at $104.99 and $87.99. Although fairly-priced for the average heel, as a penniless teenager, I'm having to stick to a budget of around £30. So visual delights such as these will remain, sadly, out of my reach.

High Heel Hunt: Desire Clothing

Desire Clothing is a budget fashionista's dream- beautiful shoes and affordable prices, and I can testify, very high-quality. If you dream of snakeskin or leather, studs or sequins, and that strangely awesome calf definiton on a pair of 3-inch heels can give you, you'll be in your element. If you're more of a timid shopper, like me, the hunt continues...

High Heel Hunt: Polyvore

This site is genius. Not only is it an outlet for the creative-y types to express their style, but it also has a 'Shop' feature, with literally millions of garments. In terms of shoes, they have all the latest from the major fashion houses, as well as hundreds of pair of shoes for under $50. They also all display on one page, so you can scroll through dozens of heels until you find the perfect pair. No matter what your style- pretty, vintage, vampy or sophisticated- there's a pair for every pair of feet.


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