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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Bytes from Cyberspace, Number 3

As an apology for disappearing off the face of the planet for most of January, I thought I'd share with you the snippets of internet goodness that have had me dribbling over my keyboard lately. Trust me, they're good.

1. Karen O, As a Person, As an Idea, As an Entity(Via
I’ve expressed alot of love for Miss O on the blog already, but I couldn’t help but share this stunning photograph of her with you all. The photographer (whose work can be found at seems to have clicked the shutter at the perfect moment- this expression pretty much sums up the crazy, playful, loveable eccentricity that she is known for. And I really want my own headdress made out of hands.

2. Tegan and Sara’s ‘Hell’ Music Video

You can always rely on Tegan and Sara to provide the world with a crazy, random-ass music video that makes absolutely no sense. Well, I suppose there might be some hidden meaning to it all that only really smart, intuitive people get, but I most certainly don’t. Also, the crazy knitted person is liable to give me nightmares for some time to come.

3. This Girl’s Hairpiece(via
I used to think was a webaite for fashionable people to gloat about how fashionable they are. But now, I find it kind of beautiful and inspiring. Take this girl, for example; that awesome hairpiece? Yeh, she made it herself. Lovely.

4. Viet-My Bui(via
I absolutely love this girl’s artwork. Her use of colour- whether it be all-out Technicolor wonderfulness or a more moody and sultry palette- is incredible. Her style settles somewhere in between the idealised, simplified lines of cartoon work, and more serious, lifelike pieces. And she’s only 21. And she’s not even a professional artist- she’s a law student! What a travesty. You can also find out more about her (she’s also very fashionable, and generally rather cool), on her blog, here.

5. Quentin Veron’s A/W 2010 Collection(Via
Oh, the opulence! The drama! The flashes of thigh and lashings of colour! With less of a price tag, and less fur (neither of which is likely to happen), this could be one of the best A/W collections I’ve seen.

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