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Monday, February 01, 2010

Tri's Guide to Toe Tapping

To most people, the word ‘dance’ may conjure images of gay guys in tights bending in unnatural ways, or old couples reminiscing in their living rooms with scratched records, or even the scantily clad women in music videos getting friendly with a pole. Well kids, I’ve got news for you, dancing does not have to be gay, or wrinkly, or naked. It can be fun, and expressive, and a form of exercise that doesn’t involve excessive pain! Yes, they do exist, and my mission is to persuade you of this.

As it is nearly Valentine’s Day, I thought I should begin my monthly summaries with Rumba, the slowest and sexiest of the Latin American dances.

Originating in Cuba, Rumba has developed over the years into an intimate partner dance, which usually depicts a story of love and/or loss. Without being overly technical, it requires strength in the legs and movement in the hips – basically meaning dancers have to move fluidly along their whole body, in order to make the routine sensual and the storyline believable. As the music used for Rumba is often fairly slow, the dance also involves pauses in which the couple form shapes and sometimes lifts. Oh, and eye contact is also pretty important.

Just in case that made no sense to you, I’ve chosen video of Ricky Whittle and Natalie Lowe’s Rumba, mainly due to the choreography – look out for how their actions are mirrored then reversed, and how she leaves him at the end. And I know what you’re thinking; Strictly Come Dancing is so uncool that you can’t bear to watch this video, but seriously, who wouldn’t want to dance with him! Or her for that matter. So, here is a Rumba:


Eileen said...

DISCLAIMER: At the Sinema does not condemn gay men/ old people/ pole dancers. ATS writers are a tolerant people, who support all (legal) lifestyle and career choices :)

Also: I absolutely love it, Tri :)

Anonymous said...

OMG I actually think that this is the best idea that ATS has ever had :)
Please, more of this section?

Tri said...

Thanyou! I'm planning on posting one style a month =)

Tri said...


Charles said...

DISCLAIMER 2: We support most illegal lifestyle & career choices, too.

Good writing Tri; probably one of (if not my favourite) ATS posts.

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