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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tri's Guide to Toe Tapping - Valentines Edition

As it was Valentine’s Day recently, this special edition of Tri’s Guide to Toe Tapping focuses on a specific routine performed by Hayley Newton and Drew McOnie, which depicts an argument between two lovers. Our posts this month have been about how a song or lyrics can encapsulate a relationship; why shouldn’t dance also have this ability?

Contemporary began to emerge in the early 20th century as a reaction to the rigid and specific techniques associated with Ballet (perhaps painful is a more fitting description!). Rather than following certain moves or rules like most other dance styles, contemporary focuses on natural shapes and movements, and can be performed to any type of music. For example this routine is to 'Speechless' by Lady Gaga.

I have chosen this specific clip as it really demonstrates how this style does not follow traditional rules, leaving dancers free to move in a way which suits the music or the storyline. I’m sure you will notice that the whole routine is performed around a bed, and how at the beginning Drew throws Hayley across the stage, only to be thrown in return at the end! If their aim was to illustrate the constant ups and downs of a relationship, the fighting and the making up, then I think they have succeeded with this routine. And yes, ok, it’s taken from ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’ which I’ll admit is only slightly cooler than ‘Strictly’, but apart from the annoying judges it was actually a pretty good show. (Unfortunately neither Hayley or Drew got to the finals.) But here is their routine:


Eileen said...

Insightful and wonderful :)
(And yay for So You Think You Can Dance!)

Anonymous said...

Yes! I like this series of posts!

B.Held said...


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