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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

January: A Memoir

The first month of the year has been and gone, which is a bit bleak since I've basically done nothing. If you, like me, have been a bit of a cultural hermit this month, here is our concise round-up, giving you all of the best bits of January without all the snow and coldness and misery. This way, you can get up to date with all of the latest stuff, and your friends will never have to know you spent the entire month in your room, watching Tarantino movies and progressively becoming wider- or what that just me? Anyway, moving on...

TV Show of The Month: Glee
Glee, for us British, has only just hit our screens, but has already caused quite a stir with the public. And apparently that's not just with us, after only 11 episodes airing on American TV is managed to scoop a Golden Globe. Get them! So whats the hype? Glee is a musical spectacular set around a normal high school glee club who are desperately trying to hold it together to get to sectionals and eventually nationals. It has your stereotypical 'musical drama' crazed fangirl, played by Lea Michelle, who was in the original cast of 'Spring Awakening', so me and Eileen already loved her. It has the gay kid, shown rocking out to Beyonce's 'Single Ladies', the black girl with a voice as big as heaven and the sporadically placed 'other nerds with good voices'. Enter the 'cool kids', Flynn and his cheerleading girlfriend, and you've got a club worth listening too. Throw in a sarcastically evil cheerleading coach, a germ-fearing guidance councilor and a stupidly gorgeous spanish teacher to run it all and by god, you have a hit! Definitely worth a watch.

Film of the Month: Up in the AirNominated for five academy awards, 'Up in the Air' tells the tale of Ryan Bingham (as played by the ever-so-handsome George Clooney)- a man hired to fire people, who can fit his entire life in a suitcase- and completely loves his emotionally-stunted existence.
That is, until a plucky young upstart in his company (Anna Kendrick, the chick from Twilight) threatens his way of life. The relationship that pans out between them reveals them both to be pretty damn childish- Bingham shuns all connection and responsibility, and Kendrick's character lives in a much more idealised and naive world.
I guess what makes this film different is that after this journey of self-discovery, the end is still bittersweet. The lesson here is not 'Open up your heart, and you WILL find love!', it's 'Win or lose, you have to play the game'- and I for one quite like that.

Album of the Month: 'Heartland' by Owen PallettSet in the fantasy world of Spectrum, Heartland is a tale of an ultra violent farmer, Lewis, and his struggle to come to terms with his creator and main deity of the land, our very own Owen Pallett. An ambitious project, but nevertheless, despite the mythologies and stories Pallett has created, he never loses sight of the single most important feature: the music. A lot denser than He Poos Clouds, Pallett has maintained his personal charm whilst at the same time adding electronics and orchestras to create something that sounds, for want of a better word, epic.
Read full review here>>>

Fashion Designer of the Month: Hayden-Harnett
It's the age-old conundrum- you want to look sophisticated, but also capable of fun. Regal, yet playful. Basically, not a slut, but not boring.
Step in Hayden-Harnett. They primarily make (awesome) handbags, so they bring a completely different perspective to the table. You can expect patchwork, metallics, and detailing to make you dribble, but all finished off with a certain undeniable decorum.
The collection (including the Pandora Dress and the Cambria Patchwork Silk Skirt, above) may set you back a bit, but come on- it's totally worth it.

Posts of the Month
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Gwen Wyntour said...

Such good choices for this post. I've never heard of Hayden Harnet, but where can I find this collection? Is it in the States?


Eileen said...

Thanks for the comment!
And you can find Hayden Harnett stores in Brooklyn and New York, New York.
You can also find their stuff at:

Hope that's useful :)

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