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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Random Things I Want 3# - A Lobster

I am going to sound like a mega braggy douche right now (I don't mean to be!) but this post is being written live from Dubai. But I was beginning to get the shakes from going cold turkey on the blog. But now, I present to you number 3 in my beautiful segment that is 'Random Things I Want'. Behold it in all its glory!

But not just any old lobster. Oh no, that would be too simple. I want the three lobsters I met about 30 minutes ago in the restaurant I just went to. They looked so sad, their beady eyes staring up at me and the thought that they were someone's dinner made me so unhappy. Except I can't afford to buy three expensive lobsters, no matter how much I want to free them and send them back to their lobster families. Lobsters mate for life and it breaks my heart to think there's a mate out in the big ocean searching for its lover. Screw the whales, the polar bears, the rhinos, SAVE THE LOBSTERS!

(Why do I publicise my weirdness on the internet?)


Jessica Maybury said...

I love lobsters. If you hold them upside down and stroke their belly they fall asleep. aw :)

Tri said...

You're my lobster.

Eileen said...

Your post genuinely moved me. I'm not even being sarcastic- that was so sad!
I think it says alot about our society when money is the thing separating you from bringing joy to reunited lobster lovers.

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