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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Top 3 TV Soundtracks

As I’m sure anyone who loves music enough to stumble across our poky corner of the internet knows, sound is a powerful thing. This is particularly true on the small screen- a song can make or break the scene. Only last night on Waterloo Road, what should have been a massively dramatic scene involving a caravan explosion was dashed by the ill thought out inclusion of ‘You’ve Got the Love’ by Florence and the Machine. A good song, but badly timed.
Thus, this post aims to celebrate some of the shows that got it spectacularly right.

1. Grey’s Anatomy Picture the scene: Meredith Grey, medical intern, wakes up naked entangled with a handsome stranger (later revealed to be her boss) after what we can only assume to be a night of drunken debauched fun. Yet, this first scene of the first series is cemented in my mind because all of this is accompanied by Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis chanting ‘Baby I’m bad news, bad news, bad news!’
I think what made me think of Grey’s Anatomy first when writing this was not the show itself (with its increasingly unbelievable and sexually-fuelled story lines), but the fact that the music sort of matured with me. Series One introduced me to Butterfly Boucher and Tegan and Sara, and later series stayed with me taste-wise with the inclusion of Bon Iver and the gorgeous ’12:59 Lullaby’ by Bedouin Soundclash.
MP3: Bedouin Soundclash- 12:59 Lullaby

2. One Tree Hill As a show, One Tree Hill pretty much is music. Aside from obviously featuring alot of good bands, every episode in named after song, some of characters are in the music industry, artists regularly feature on the show, and the OTH music even has its own website. One Tree Hill also made history for being one of two network shows to ever get the go-ahead to feature a Led Zeppelin song- the other was The Sopranos, in case you’re interested. One of the stand-out music moments for me was in Season 5, when Peyton sends Lucas ‘Heartbeats’ by Jose Gonzalez- so lovely :)
MP3: Jose Gonzalez- Heartbeats

3. The OCI really miss The OC, and it was a pretty decent source of music. The stand out moment for me has to be without a doubt Imogen Heap’s chilling rendition ‘Hallelujah’ playing as Marissa died in Ryan’s arms. Following Season Two, the show also featured many performances from a melange of up-and-comers and established artists- from Rooney to Modest Mouse- in The Bait Shop. Plus, all of the Thom Yorke, Belle and Sebastian, Chad van Gaalen and The Explorers Club nearly made Season 4 endurable. Nearly- but freak earthquakes and coma-induced parallel worlds were a little too much to bear.
MP3: Imogen Heap- Hallelujah


Izi said...

I will not stand for this continuous criticism of Grey's Anatomy storylines - I think it gets just the right mix of trashy and medicine, much in the same way that House has the right mix of crazy-genius and medicine :)

But nice blog :)

Eileen said...

It's coming back to Channel Five- I know I'm going to cave against my better instincts and revel in its trashiness :)

Tri said...

If One Tree Hill and The O.C didn't have such amazing soundtracks i probably wouldn't love them as much as i do! I think Seth Cowen is my perfect guy. Yep. It's the jumpers and the boat.

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