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Monday, April 12, 2010

Five Male Artists I Have A Man Crush On

Following Chloe's marvellous article, I figured I'd have a go putting together my own list of same sex crushes. I'm not gay either, but there's something about these men that almost makes me wish I was.

Kevin Barnes from of Montreal.
For a white guy, this man sure knows how to dance. He's also a fan of elaborate costumes, overly sexualised lyrics and has been known to show all onstage. Yet he lives happily with his partner, Nina Barnes, and they have a beautiful baby, Alabee. He is probably the gayest straight man ever, and there's something admirable about that.

Zach Condon from Beirut.
There's nothing particularly gay about this man. He's just an average straight guy like me, who ran away to travel...he gained a new passion in Balkan music through his travels, and went on to release two of my favourite albums of last decade. He has a French Horn tattoo'd on each arm, just to make sure he never forgets why he's here. And...well, I think that's fucking rad.

Not the most attractive or obvious choice for this list, but he's taken his gayness up a few levels with his new solo album Go. The exuberant costumes, the stage shows, the animals...oh the joy! The colour! All of these things have transformed Jónsi from skulky guy you could tell was brought up with metal music and not much daylight (Iceland, duh) and into the cute, gay persona he is now. He's still the shy kid, but now he's actually bothering to make an effort.

Christopher Owens from Girls.
This dude was brought up in a cult. A genuine cult. He wasn't even allowed to listen to fucking rock 'n' roll there. So naturally, he ran away and formed a band, which can make for way more emotional music. 'Lust For Life' sums this up perfectly: with lines such as "I wish I had a boyfriend/I wish I had a loving man in my life" and a video that uses an erect penis as a microphone, what's not to love? And he clearly has enough gay to go around.

Ryan Dicks.
Well this guy is fucking rad. Not strictly an artist, but...well, just watch the video. And then all his other videos. The man's an inspiration.


Chloe said...

Ryan Dicks... i have no words.

Anonymous said...

As thrilling as this post is, I would really like to see some more.
I do believe you are probably on your school holidays at the moment, so there is no excuse for the lack of activity on the blog!

Chloe said...

Unfortunately Mr Anonymous, we have come to the thrilling period of our lifes that is A Levels, we're all very busy :( but the blog is still very important to us! So don't give up all hope!

Tri said...

Jónsi <3 his voice.

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