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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spotlight On: The XX

Ah, 'The XX', quickly becoming mine (and Catriona's) new favourite band. After hearing them repeatedly on the E4 90210 advert, I finally got around to downloaded them and I have not been disappointed, their album titled 'XX' is a treasure trove of musical genius. As usual all hyperlinks lead to a youtube video of the song in question.

Band name:
The XX
Band members: Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim & Jamie Smith

The Hype: On the best band of the year lists they placed #9 and #2 with Rolling Stone and NME. Their songs have featured on episodes of 'Cold Case', 'Law & Order', 'Lie to Me', '90210' and 'Grey's Anatomy'.
Albums: XX (released October 29th 2009)
My opinion: Well, I already told you that they're awesome. I like the fact they're two different lead singers, a female and male, their harmonies together are absolutely beautiful. The mixture of moody sounds, retro sounding cassio keyboards and heavenly lyrics.

The first song I should start off with is the one that got my attention to begin with on that 90210 advert, its called 'Heart skipped a Beat' and its awesome. This song has quickly become 'that song', as in that song that you can't stop listening too and can't get out of your head. Another song which has captured me is 'Fantasy', because its exactly what you get on the tin, its got this eerie, dream-like sound. Additionally, I love 'Crystallised' because of the guitar intro, which is so damn catchy! But its not just that! There is no end to these trio's talents, they even remixed Florence & The Machines cover of 'You've got the love' and made it 100x more awesome. Check them all out.

More Information
Check out their website with information of tour dates, songs and other interesting titbits.


Eileen said...

My brother also likes The XX :)
And you can listen to their cover of 'You've Got the Love' here:

Tri said...

Haha Ei you were waaaay ahead of us there =p. But yeah I really like their album.

Eileen said...

What can I say, I'm quite clearly a trendsetter :p

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