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Friday, March 12, 2010

Gaga Gives Me Goosebumps!

Figure One

I'm a dirty, dirty hypocrite. So sue me.
I've jumped back on the Gaga bandwagon and daymmm, does it feel good!

The timeline of my love for Lady Gaga starts off with a peak. 'Just Dance' had me doing just that. 'Pokerface' was loved, 'Love Game' was awesome and 'Paparazzi' made me crave icecream (see figure 1, yes, I'm going all Geography GSCE on yo' ass) and then BAM! I met 'Bad Romance' and i was turned off. Perhaps it was the scary monster dancing or the nightmare inducing video but i was like a small child watching 'The Addams Family' for the first time again... absolutely fucking terrified. But Gaga has made me love her once more, after collaborating with Beyonce in her new song 'Telephone' and producing the MOST AWESOME VIDEO OF ALL TIME. True, she shows her vagina, true she prances around in underwear for about 3/4 of the video (all nine and a half minutes of it) and true, i do feel like I'm watching soft lesbian porn, but goddammit, i don't care. This video is completely degrading to women and the moral is basically "wear your only underwear, poison people and flash your vag-ga ga (see what I did there?) and the world will love you for it". But the outfits, cinematography, epic duologue and a brilliant pop song make up for it. OH AND SHE WEARS PEPSI CANS IN HER HAIR AND A PAIR OF GLASSES MADE OUT OF CIGARETTES AND SHE EVEN MAKES A SANDWICH. I have been converted to the house of Gaga.


PussDaddy said...

Well you can have her, lol. I am not a big fan myself.


Tri said...

That video is immense. I'm pretty sure she might as well just be naked seeing as we see everything anyway!!

Charles said...

It's a shame that she's not remotely attractive.
Beyoncé on the other hand...

And I have no idea what to make of that video. At all. Just OMGWTF, really.

Eileen said...

I was totally about to write about this video- it's scary how similar we are sometimes, Clo :)

And I love it. Even if it is just because I have a massive gay crush on Beyonce.

Also: is that the car from Kill Bill?

Donald said...

loving the va-ga ga pun.

p.s. Addams Family, 2 D's.

Charles said...

I love the article but how can you have fallen OUT of love with her for Bad Romance? :(
That's been the highlight of her career so far!

Chloe said...

It scared me. The big eyes and the fact it just sounded like she was saying "mehmehmamamaramamama" i like to understand artists.

Donald said...

if you're scared of her big eyes, try watching this.

Anonymous said...

she gives me goose bumps too

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