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Thursday, March 04, 2010

February: A Memoir

FILM OF THE MONTH: Youth in Revolt“I Want To Tickle Your Belly Button… From The Inside”
The words of a genius? I definitely think so! This line is from the hilarious new film ‘Youth In Revolt’ starring the boy who have made his money off being awkward, Michael Cera, as well as host of others; Jason Long, Zach Galifianakis (the guy from ‘The Hangover’) and ‘new star’ Portia Doubleday- at least, that’s how she keeps being described. It tells the story of Nick Twisp, your stereotypical sensitive virgin who lives his mother who can’t hold down a stable relationship and her idiot boyfriend who rips off three sailors. Because of this they flee to a cabin for a week, where Nick meets Sheeni. Cue the madness. In order to get back to the cabin when they eventually venture back, Nick invents Francois Dillinger, his evil alter-ego with a pedo mustache and the freakiest fucking eyes I have ever seen. But setting fire to his town with his mums car, old caravan and a lot of petrol is just the tip of the iceberg. The best movie I have seen so far this year!

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Los Campesinos!-Romance is Boring'In Media Res' kicks things off with the heart-wrenching first line, "Let's talk about you for a minute." It builds into an angry, brooding middle section before again threatening tears in what has to be one of Gareth, and indeed the band's, finest moments: "If you were given the option of dying painlessly in peace at forty-five/But with a lover at yr side, after a full and happy life/Is this something that would interest you?"
From then on, the album takes us on a roller-coaster journey of emotion and musical styles, ranging from traditional Los Campesinos! twee pop such as 'There Are Listed Buildings', to the more rockier title track 'Romance Is Boring', eventually culminating in the final, devastating Coda, which leaves me swallowing sadness I feel every listen. It is a record crafted from the heart, and an early and surprising contender for album of the year.

TV SHOW OF THE MONTH: CSI TrilogyThis spectacle was for CSI lovers what Jesus’ resurrection would be to Christians. Millions of us tuned in to watch Laurence Fisburne (Grissom-replacement-extraordinaire) travel the country, and with the help of a few of his CSI buddies, try to take down a trafficking system responsible for some of the worst atrocities CSI has ever shown us- illegal organ harvesting, sex slavery, and even making girls who weren’t fit for prostitution become surrogate mothers for cash. Despite being a little disappointed that there wasn’t more interplay between the three CSI teams, this trilogy was as compelling as it was shocking, and I loved every moment of it.

DANCE ROUTINE OF THE MONTH- Rufus Hound's 'Fight for This Love'.

As its coming to the end of this month, I’ve chosen my favourite dance clip (so far) from the first episode of Sport Relief’s ‘Lets Dance’ – basically a mick take of all the other serious dance shows, where celebrities dress up like other celebrities and raise money for charity by making fools of themselves. Genius.
I don’t really have much to say about this video, other than Cheryl Cole if you saw this, you should be worried, because a ginger man in his 30’s wearing split trousers and less than half a top made this song much more entertaining than you ever could. Sorry love.


Come spring and summer, you may find your high street stores bursting with all the usual classic cuts and work wear staples, but with a twist- a splash of colour here, a few ruffles there. If this is the case, the man to thank for this is Peter Pilotto. But the real reason this fledgling London-based designer really caught my eye is That Dress (on the left). Although gaining a reputation for being a dab hand at the tunic, this dress is something else- part bird of paradise, part firework, this dress is a melange of colour in irregular, painter-esque swathes. An absolute dream.

FUN FACT OF THE MONTH- Women in Horror MonthSeeing as how I know how much my pointless trivia enthrals you, I’ve decided to give you a fun fact about every month. FUN FACT TIME!: This February was the first official Women in Horror Month. This may seem quite trivial, bit it couldn’t have come at a more crucial. In this month’s ‘SFX Magazine: Horror Special’, which claimed to be an ‘ultimate guide’ to horror in all media, not a single woman was mentioned. Not one. Meaning the hard work of writers from Mary Shelley to Poppy Z Brite was completely ignored. I for one feel it’s about time that the stigma of women only being seen in hotpants screaming in the horror genre clears up for good. Find out more about it here.

Tri's Guide to Toe-Tapping: In a new series here At the Sinema, Tri introduces us to the exciting world of dance. Not one to be missed.

5 Presents to Lose Your Partner- No stranger to scaring people, Chloe shares the secret to making people think you're crazy through the art of tactless gift-giving. Expect bed-wetter covers and toupees.

Lost Knives in a Basement- Charlie's review of up-and-comers Lost Knives, whom he saw in a basement. Because he's that indie.

High Heel Hunt- Eileen embarks on the daunting quest of finding a pair of comfy, clumsy-proof yet beautiful shoes. This may be quite a long series...


Marc said...

I really wonder if I would take up Los Campesinos on their offer...

Also, thanks for reminding me to check out Youth in Revolt when it comes out on DVD.

Eileen said...

I know what you mean- it's definitely something to think about.
And you should definitely check out Youth in Revolt- I second Chloe's opinion that it's crazy, but also very good :)

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