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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Random Thing I Want 2# - Random Chicken Ornament

Following on from Chocolate Tash's in my new, personal little segment, I find random crap that I want.
Today, I introduce a random, fluffy, multi-coloured chicken ornament. Not only do I like colourful things, as I tend to find altogether distracting and funtastic (an invented word, that encapulates things that are just a little bit better then the word 'fun'), but I have also always really liked chickens. These little gems are £10 and can be brought from paperchase online or in stores. But for a limited time only, as its for Easter. So if Charles, Eileen or Catriona fancy suprising me when we celebrate the death of Jesus, then this is what I want.


Tri said...

*death and resurection please chloe =)
But yes, if i ever stumble across one i will purchase it for you.

Anonymous said...

the words 'random' and 'funtastic' made me cringe :(

Chloe said...

Can you suggest some other words to describe a multicoloured chicken ornament?

Anonymous said...

i get the point about the chicken laying the easter eggs but isn,t everything nowdays orientated around easter bunnies?

Chloe said...

Yes, but chickens, I find, are better in all ways. Perhaps i am rather biased considering I'm a massive fan of eggs, chocolate or not. Do bunnies give us such a delectable treat? Nay, they do not. They may be fluffy and cute, but ask Eileen, its not always that way. Her rabbit was an absolute pyscho.

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