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Friday, March 12, 2010

Playlist 10: Spring, Part 2- Chloe

My turn! My turn! My turn!

1. Magic Weather - Alessi's Ark
"And sleep with an umbrella, the freedom's there- I can depend on magic weather"
As you have probably already concurred, I'm a massive Alessi's Ark fan and I think the title of this song just encapsulates springtime. It is magic weather, dancing between winter and summer and highly unpredictable.

2. The Nature of Daylight- Mark Richter
This song is completely instrumental so there are no lyrics. It got a real melancholy tune to it and because of the title, i can just imagine a ray of sunlight coyly peaking from behind a cloud. That's what made me choose it. It's a beautiful song. The man behind the music is Mark Richter, a German composer has worked with the BBC's Philharmonic Orchestra. Get him!

3. Over The Hill - Alessi's Ark
"We feed the ducks in the local park and eat ice cream, get all jittery, not from the sugar itself, but from what you do to me"
Spring is about renewal and rebirth and that's why i picked 'Over The Hill', its all about new relationships. Plus, the imagery of her feeding the ducks in the park takes me back to my childhood and before you say "no one eats ice cream in March", talk to our ice cream man Pete, who is already doing the rounds!

4. The First Days of Spring - Noah and the Whale
"Its the first day of spring, and my life is starting over again"
Again, there is that thought of life changing, just like the seasons. Noah and the Whale were featured recently as our 'Song of the Day' which you should check out if you like this song. This song is all about love lost and yearning for them back, its bittersweet and lovely. Enjoy.

5. Blow Away - A Fine Frenzy
"Its the ride we take, many winged escape, its the bough we break to blow away"
The lyrics are subtle, but if you listen carefully there is some beautiful nature imagery running throughout the whole of this song. Plus, its a bit bouncier and happy-go-lucky, mix that with A Fine Frenzy's beautiful vocals and you have a song to make you feel happy about the world. And why shouldn't you? The good weathers finally here!

6. Strawberry Swing - Coldplay
"Cold water, cold water what do you say? Its such a perfect, its such a prefect day"
Its the melody that makes this one for me. That spirited drumming and the merry guitar rifts. Its just spring in a nutshell. Bright, breezy and full of life! Plus, I want to see people duke it out on the comments. Coldplay fans or not? I think they are prefection and would quite happy make fruity-named babies with Chris Martin. I'd make enough for a whole fucking fruit basket!

7. Early Spring Till - The Wheel
"Are you tired? Do you feel wrung out? Have you fallen from where glory sprouts?"
Melancholic lyrics with soothing beats. A contradiction to my previous songs which associate bouncy happy tunes with spring and nature. But this song is so beautiful it just has to be included and nature is beautiful. Its a somewhat strenuous link, apart from the name of course, but this song is worth a listen, so I'll be a rebel and include it anyway.

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Tri said...


Chloe said...


i just came.

Charles said...

F U for using First Days of Spring.
But still, some nice choices :)

Chloe said...

muahahhaa. i knew you'd want to use it :) you still came to reiterate that its an awesome song.

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