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Monday, March 29, 2010

I Can Shop A Rainbow, Shop A Rainbow Too

PolyvoreI have managed to get clothes from the more affordable shops in every colour of the rainbow. Lets brighten up the day shall we?
Red By Modcloth
Including a beautiful crimson vintage dress.

Yellow by Net-A-Porter

Including a sunshine yellow clutch bag.

Pink By H&M
Including all these tops, which can't be brought online :(

Green By Farfetch
Including the kookie alien shirt.

Purple by Bluefly

Including that gorgeous purple clutch bag

Orange by Forever 21

Including those pretty, summery hair clips.

Blue by American Eagle

Including that cool, slouchy hoodie.


Eileen said...

Actually, H and M are opening a UK online store soon :)
I'm going to spend soo much money...

Eileen said...

Also: Forever 21 <3

Tri said...

Yes H and M!!

Chloe said...

You know my green golf jumper and my striped shirt i sometimes wear? FOREVER 21 BABY.

Tri said...

I have never heard of this.

Eileen said...

I have- I'm quite clearly more in with The Big Trump ;)

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