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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Playlist 10: Spring, Part 3 - Tri

My definition of spring: A time of the year when the moon starts to lose and the sun stays out for longer each day. Basically, it’s just about the end of winter and just about time for summer, which is why all of the songs on this playlist are ones that make me feel happy and remind me of that feeling when you wake up in the morning with the sun coming through the window, and you just have to smile to yourself. Just a little.

The Roadside – Tunng

I must admit, my many attempts to work out the meaning of these lyrics have failed epically, and I’m pretty sure it’s talking of some unpleasant deeds by ‘The Roadside’ – ‘You should stop worrying, then they waded naked into the water, mmmm’. Very strange! But the pretty pretty music and the mixture of male/female voices makes me like it even so.

Colourful Life – Cajun Dance Party

Oh I'd love to go to a brand new place but recognise the sky’. I like that line. It’s wierd to think that everywhere in the world, wherever you go, it will always be the same sky, same moon, same sun, and stars. Makes the world seem smaller somehow.

I Declare A Ceasefire – My Latest Novel

Although some people believe the lyrics should be taken literally and applied to war, my interpretation is that this song is about letting go of the past or old grudges and starting afresh, which is what made me think to put it in a Spring playlist. The smooth Scottish accent of Chris Deveney presents the lyrics in a believable way that’s nothing but pleasing to the ear. (But I may be biased; I have a soft spot for Scots.) ‘Please put down your guns, lower your weapons, oh I declare a change of heart.'

Glass Houses – Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

It’s been a while since Get Cape. has appeared on my playlists, but this song never fails to make me smile, probably because of the layered harmonies, random trumpet playing and questioning lyrics; ‘Isn’t it infantile to consider yourself the judge of someone's rights, to a better life?

See Me Through – Ida Maria

Ok, so this song strays away from the theme of happy and uplifting, but the way Ida Maria’s voice struggles and strains as the song progresses reminds me of the sun pushing its light through dappled trees – picture a forest in spring with the sun rising all around you and you’ll know what I mean. (Or just think I’m weird, either one =). ‘Oh God, I can't believe in you just because I'm afraid you're true’. Beautiful.

Feeling A Moment – Feeder

A Golden Oldie. Well really, it’s not all that old (the album 'Pushing the Senses' was released in 2004), it just seems like longer. 'Feeling a Moment' is one of those songs where the lyrics don’t match the mood of the music, but you can’t help loving it anyway. ‘How do you feel when there’s no sun, how will you be when rainclouds come and pull you down again.

E Is For Estranged – Owen Pallet

If I was to describe this song in one word it would have to be ‘magical’ - an enchanting combination of strings, piano and voice that echoes sunny days and oozes with pure genius.

Morning Sun – Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams is not an artist that I would normally listen to, but this song reaches above his previously over-produced, unimaginatively dull singles such as Rudebox (or whatever the hell that was called). ‘Morning Sun’ combines the most honest lyrics to come from Robbie in a long time, with an unusual but effective harmonica solo. Criticise me all you want, but I like this song. ‘How do you rate the morning sun, it's just too heavy for me.

Time and Space - The Accidental

Right, it’s finally the end of Spring Playlist number 3, and despite having some of the most cheesy lyrics and most clichéd rhymes, this song really summarises the feeling and meaning of spring for me – ‘Time and space stretch out before you, and the universe implores you, to take your place amongst all are part of everything’.

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Chloe said...

OMG.DO NOT INSULT ROBBIE WILLIAMS. I saw him live in Paris. He is perfection.

Andras Nagy said...

Very cool music.....

Spring is the time for birth and re-birth, and sadly allergy (at least here in California)...

Check out my favorite song by George Harrison (he would have had a birthday a few weeks ago...)

Emmy said...

and Rudebox was a minor blip, we prefer to pretend it never happened haha

Tri said...

Thanks, i'll have a listen =)

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