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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Playlist 10: Spring, Part I- Eileen

It's playlist time, bitches!
The most amazing thing happened this morning- as I opened my eyes, I was greeted with golden light shining softly through my curtains. And it was warm! It seems the very second March started, it brought spring with it, which is awesome because I'm sick of the snow. So, to celebrates all things spring-like, may I introduce you to:

Playlist 10- Spring and NatureSome songs to get you in the mood for warmer weather and longer days

1. CHAD VAN GAALEN- Willow Tree
A supremely talented Canadian crooner, who even makes some of the multitudinous instruments he plays, which is pretty damn rad. I have absolutely no idea why this song was the first to pop into my head when I thought of spring- it’s about death, the very antonym of the meaning of spring. Still, it has that peaceful, melancholic tone that sums up spring for me.

There’s nothing massively complex or profound about this song- it’s simply a charming melody, slightly wispy Scottish vocals and a massive dose of sunshine. Yet for all of its catchiness, there is still something delicate and full of promise in there- lovely jubbly.

3. ATLAS SOUND- An Orchid
After having our spirits lifted by Pearl, we plunge straight back into the pensive and melancholy with Atlas Sound. From ‘Logos’, one of my favourite experimental albums of last year, ‘An Orchid’ is rich is shadows and echoes, and sounds slightly like a spectral lullaby, which for me makes it all the more enjoyable.

4. EISLEY- Trolley Wood
For some reason, this song always reminds me of when me and my friend from primary school got lost in the woods, and found a fallen oak, the roots of which looked exactly like a triceratops. I have no idea why that memory popped into my head, but there you go. Contemplate that whilst listening to the exquisite harmonies of Eisley.
FUN FACT TIME! As well as being a talented musician, Sherri Du Pree of Eisley is also a really gifted photographer. Check out her stuff here >>>

5. DREDG- Planting Seeds
‘Look what I’ve found, a seashell in a sea of shells’- nothing like a good bit of dredg to get you feeling jaded about life in the season of birth. Aah.

6. HEADLESS HEROES- The North Wind Blew South
Headless Hero’s revitalise this tune from the 1970’s by adding a gorgeous, uplifting string section. A song to get inspired to.

Mayfly tells the tale of a sunny romance with a girl who is second best, and the inevitable heartbreak she feels. A little depressing again, but it bears this line; ‘Your diary’s looking like a Bible with its verses lost in time’, which is exquisite, so I think we can forgive a little heartbreak.

8. TELEKINESIS- Great Lakes
A track from the marvellous self-titled album released last year, which narrowly missed out on my Top 10 Favourite Albums of the Year. Another quite pensive, melancholic ditty- I’ll cheer up soon, I promise.

9. STUDENT FILM- A Rainy Spring Day in New York
A song to remind you that it’s not all sunshine and happiness from here on in- there’s still rain (and April Showers) to contend with. Oh, and it’s also a CHOON.

10. FRONTIER RUCKUS- Spring Terror Nerves of the Night Mind
I absolutely adore the gently undulating melody, and ups and downs of the vocals- a song to be savoured. Sit back, close your eyes, fall in love.

You can now listen to the whole playlist below- enjoy!


Tri said...

I own a record 2 of those songs =)
Will have to listen to the others

Tri said...

Oh yeah and only because you gave them to me =p haha

Anonymous said...

i can't get to the photography :( but that chloe bird is hot!

Anonymous said...

ps. this is not the girl in question

Tri said...

Hi Chloe.

B.Held said...


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