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Saturday, June 20, 2009

5 Pointless But Oh-So-Funny Sites

You know the feeling- you're bored, you've got a computer and time to kill. But, where do you go when you've exhausted your usual comic haunts? My list of 5 Funny Sites is here to give you some fresh material. Enjoy!

F My Life

A collection of horrible, hilarious things that go wrong with other people's lives.

Whoever thought of F My Life is a genius for two reasons. Number One- it means everyone has a place to vent about horrible, hilarious shit that happens in their lives. Number Two- when someone's had a mildly shitty day, they can go on and laugh about how other people's days have been much, much worse.

Examples: Today, while teaching at a daycare, a child came up to me and asked if he could go to the bathroom. Obviously, I said it was fine. He then pulled his pants down, and pee on my brand new shoes, and all over my leg. FML

Today, I found a note on my door that said "You're the sexiest person I've ever stalked". Later, I found another note that said "Sorry, that was meant for your roommate. You aren't my type." Not even a creepy stalker thinks I'm attractive. FML

Today, I had a job interview. I have a nervous tendency to rub my foot against the bar under the table. After the interview I noticed I had been rubbing my foot against the interviewer's leg. FML

Tiny Art Director
Artist Bill Zeman has his art critiqued by his 4 year old daughter
I love this website because the Tiny Art Director reminds me so much of me. A little demanding, prone to sulks, and she likes dinosaurs- I LOVE dinosaurs. I have a dinosaur teddy, a dinosaur that runs when you wind it up, socks wtih dinosaurs on them...
Examples: Kangaroo and Giraffe

The Brief:
A giraffe and a kangaroo fighting over an apple
The Critique:
Where's the dinosaur?! Draw me a dinosaur right now Daddy!
Job Status:

Cake Wrecks

A collection of horrible, hilarious things that go wrong with other people's professionally-ordered cakes.

This website is a stroke of genius. Rather than get all irate when professionals ruin your celebrations with the Cake From Hell, send it to Cake Wrecks and chuckle. It is kind of funny, afterall. My favorite section of Cake Wrecks is 'Literal LOLs', in which the proffessional ckae decorators take cake request a little too literally.

Examples: Picture the scene:

Customer: Could I order special a cake, please? Baker: Absolutely. What sort of cake are we talking about? Customer: A cake for a graduation, please. Could I have '2008' written on top, please. Oh, and I want sprinkles too, if that's ok?' Baker: Certainly.

And, the finished cake:

Awkward Family Photos

A collection of the most awkward family photos you will ever see
Y'know when you see a family photo in someone's home so awkward, so atrocious, so obviously staged that you want to burst out laughing? Well, AFP have saved you the trouble of going into people's houses to see such gems. Hysterically funny.
Examples: What every family photo needs- a topless beardy man swinging his shirt around his head:

It comes to something when you look terrifed by your own horrendous wedding concept:

Funny Exam
A website containing funny, stupid exam answers.
Now that exam season is over, if you're feeling a little worried, you should mosey on over to Funy Exam, and realsie things could be much, much worse. However, if your exam paper appears up there any time soon, then maybe you should start panicking.

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