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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Aakash Abolishes Apathy in Big Apple

There’s an attack on New York City.

One young man, by the name of Aakash Nihalani is on the rampage, taking his particular brand of geometric art to the streets. Armed only with reels of neon tape and a paintbrush, Nihalani is trying to, as he says, ‘make work that sparks dialogue about space and perspective in a city packed with infinite layers and views, and also directly observe its impact’. He hopes that by attacking sidewalks, signs and buildings with fluorescent tape, he can emphasise the clean, geometric lines of the city that sometimes get taken for granted, or go entirely unnoticed. Personally, I am all for abolishing apathy in the Big Apple- when you live in the countryside, cities seem like superlatively imagined, vibrant wondrous places- yet, when you look around, the jaded city slickers seem to see it as little more than a grey backdrop. There should be more artists like Nihalani, who take their art to the streets, work on a grander canvas and inspire some love for the city.

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